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You Will Be Happy as You Trust in Him — 2 Comments

  1. I love you Father, i love you.
    You have transformed my life, and (in my favor and our favor) the life of my parents. Your simple and truly spirit happiness partake in us, ever day more.

    I want more of you father, to be more of you for all. Let me be humble and simple like Yausha, my master and redeemer IS, fully of the water of life; to be a fountain of sweet waters for all that come thirsty of life. And let me be a firmly rooted tree beside the river of living waters (Yausha); a tree of delithfull fruits for all that come hungry of you, and a tree for all that come to find a place of comfort to rest on you.

    Fulfill your work on us father, fullfill your work to your kingdom! I know that you will do that; it’s not a reclaim, but a claim from Earth to Heavens (and from Heavens to Earth — “as on Earth as it in Heavens”) that it will be, for now and forever.

    Thank you, thank you. Always a honor and a pleasure to be part of all that; part of you, part of your kingdom. Part of bringing your joy, truly wisdom, and all richness of life.

    Blessed is the lamb sacrificed for us on the cross; blessed is your son, Yausha of Nazareth, the truly and only Mashiach. The only that have the key (and true love is the key) to the truly, and life. The one that opens the door (the gates) of heavens to us (and for us), so that we come close to you; so close as no one ever been (even the angels). Amen.

  2. Thank You Abba Father for Always being My Very Source of Happiness. I trust and Depend on you to Perfect Everything that Concerns Me and that My Joy May be Made FULL. Thank You Lord for meeting all my Needs in Abundance and giving me my Heart’s Desire as I continue to Delight Myself in YOU!❣️

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