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You Will See All Your Enemies Defeated — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Pastor Ahua. Thank you for this word. It ties in with other prophetic words the Holy Spirit has been giving to me. It is a word in season. Do continue to be a vessel of Living Water. Again, thank you.

  2. Thank you my brother for being an anointed spirit filled man of God. Your words have bought a lot of comfort and encouragement to my soul. Continue with the good work of spreading the truth. Shalom to you.

  3. Dear brother Jahfas Victor, this comfort surely means hope for many. I am always wondering how clear The LORD shows you current situations, as well as future events.
    I want to inform you all who read this, that I got the corona test result. It is “negative”, that means, the virus passed me by. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD ! So tomorrow, Saturday, I will be returning to work, also Sunday, and so on. Because of weekend
    shift work, often I have free days in the middle of a week. If you do not hear / read from me, don`t worry. We are connected through the Holy Spirit. Stay blessed !

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