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You will Tread on Snakes & Scorpions! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for prayer to remind me that greater is He that is in me than that in the world. That I have power to trample on the cobra and the scorpions.
    My family and I are under attack by the enemy. The enemy has unleashed an attack over our finances.
    This morning I woke up from a dream attack by a giant snake. It was over my headboard and I jumped out of my sleep.

  2. Amen and it is so in Christ Yeshua. Thanks for posting this prayer. Holy Ghost has been commanding me to tread upon the enemy since yesterday.

  3. I am so glad i found this site. I have been been so angry with the enemy and God has been revealing to me that they have increased their attacks even against the church. This new year 2017, attacks against the church will be more. I have chosen to stand for God and to stand well. I have resolved to fight for truth. Prayer is the key. Thanks

  4. After midnight, in this hour, I prayed for ALL my helpers and comforters. Yes, we are powerful. But the enemies are so angry. I was today in the big city, not far from here, in which every year a big Street Parade for gays is being celebrated. All around they consume luxury drugs, and their “signs” of paperclips (operation paperclip) and real “accidently” game cards are visible on the ways. They are connected in hidden evil circles, as we are connected publicly BY HIS SPIRIT. A battle between LIFE and death. LIGHT WILL WIN, yes. But time will show: Many will die under their system. Martyrs for the truth. Remember the Holy Scriptures: In every generation strong believers were killed. But until my last breath I will stand strong for our LORD.

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