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  1. SUPERB GREAT TOP GODLY GRACIOUS Message from ♥♥♥HIS Realms Encouragements for many of our Brothers & Sisters children of THE KINGDOM, on this earth with defectives types of “LOVE” made from enemy sources, with terrible results incongruences’, against our FAITH to the FATHERS IN HEAVEN, as we must Pray for the souls of HIS Creation on today’s times AMÉN, to send FRESH LIVING REVIVAL “lifting’s”; AMÉN♥♥♥!


    1 JN 4

    CL 3

    PR 18

    PR 17

    MT 12

    RV 1

    JMS 5

    PS 99

    RO 16

    AC 16

    MCH 7

    AMÉN..! as we must PRAY for SELAH to our BROTHERS & SISTERS/CHILDREN of THE KINGDOM..! for strong LIGHT’S SELAH for each of them from HEAVEN’S TRUTH.!

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