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  1. Dear Chris, These days, I have been uploading my testimony on a Christian SNS in Korea. It is about my whole life story, which is full of healings, miracles, and supernatual experiences from God. In the early of August in 2023, in my vision, a pastor gave me his fountain pen and encouraged me to write it. Last year, my husband and I went through a terrible thing socially. An honest police official told us that it was because of our religious activities in our workplace. I think it is kind of a crime, but it is difficult to uncover the whole mechanism because this is related to the hidden rulers in the world as well as in my country. We are still in the process and between a rock and a hard place. We do not know how God will guide us yet. We are just keeping our place as God told us to. Only God can solve this and make a way for us. We are waiting for God’s timing for us. God was sincere, is sincere, and will be sincere. From. HaeWon Hong & EunHan Lee

  2. Very much would appreciate prayer about what my calling is. I’m middle aged now and am still not knowing what my calling is. I’ve asked God SO many times over the years to PLEASE to make it plain to me so I know what is is, read a ton of books about our calling, taken those spiritual gifts tests, etc.. It’s gotten to the point now that when I hear or read about how to find our calling I often ignore it. I do fight feeling bitterness over the lack of a clear answer not understanding why my other brothers and sisters in Christ get clear answers. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  3. 啊,天主藉由你在回應我,特別是 以西結書 33.7這經文,印證天主確實藉由你回應我,請為我代禱,尋求天主旨意、分辨。

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Ah, God is responding to me through you, especially Ezekiel 33.7, which confirms that God is indeed answering me through you, pray for me, and seek God’s will and discernment.” ]

  4. Amazing and inspiring to see the Hand of God in process of ‘the call’ to ministry on your life. I’m encouraged to know that you ‘sat’ under the prophetic for a number of years. When the Lord says; a thousand years is as a day…i be like ok Lord…Lol. We recognize the prophetic training/ministry is not an overnight wonder. Thank you for sharing. Yes, please offer and share nuggets on the prophetic that is so often mis-understood in the Body of Christ.

  5. Yes I’d love some prayer about my calling. I have had some accurate words in the past , but I don’t really know if I was operating in the prophetic as my calling. I’ve always desired to have the gift of healing.  I know I am a gifted encourager. So any prayers you have for me I’d greatly appreciate. Thank you.

    • My mentors ministry was actually a healing prophetic ministry. So he was a prophet with a healing ministry too. Is your calling similar to his. God may have called you to the prophetic, but He will give you the desire of your heart as well. We will pray for you for clarity and direction.
      God bless you

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