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Keep Your Focus and Don’t Be Misled — 6 Comments

  1. Yess…I truly AGREE…social issues, racial protests melee, pandemic increase deaths (many still ignored) and political fists fights, profanity and disarray. Talk talk talk talk with no resolution. Yes we’re in pre AntiChrist panorama, pre WWIII WAR zone repeats.

  2. The antiChrist may say to Christians, “Do you want to receive the mark or die?” However, these words can be rephrased as, “Do you want to go to heaven (die) or to hell?” (the mark; Rev 19:4). Now is the time to be prepared for these words. Now is the time to replace the fear of death with the boldness of a lion (Prov 28:1). Now is the time to run to God, not away from God.

  3. Amen!  I agree and truly know this is all meant to distract and take our eyes off of Him even lose faith.  Though trying to share the same wisdom with others is like throwing pearls before swine.  They turn on you, being easily offended at the softest mention to stay focused on Him.
    Thank you for posting. *confirmation*

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