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Your Help Comes from The LORD — 5 Comments

  1. My maker is my Helper! I know HE will see me through all challenges confronting me. HE is ABLE GOD. I thank HIM for all HE has done for me & my family & all HE is still doing & All HE is yet to do. Thank Pastor June

  2. Do we still give God Praise and Glory, when we have everything that we need or desire? Do we give him Praise and Glory when we don’t have everything or in the middle of the storm, when we are alone?
    I apply this question to myself first and to those who can be honest enough to personally answer a few of those questions in which I listed above in this post in particular.

    God is Great and Worthy to be Praised all the day, all the night long, under, in, above the earth and heavens. I give Jesus the highest Praise Hallelujah Jesus!️❤️

  3. Praise God, from whom “All” Blessings Flow! Praise the Lord our heavenly Father God in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!️❤️
    God bless you Pastor June Reinke! I pray that you are well in general, strengthened in Jesus Christ our Lord. I receive and embrace this Word of God, the message of direct truth.
    I sincerely and truly believe that every good thing spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, comes from the Lord!

    The Lord is our Refuge, our very Present Help and Strength indeed!
    The Lord has his seasons in which he manifests his heart desires for us to bloom, blossom and flourish. He will give us those things that we will appreciate and some things in which we did not know we needed, but many times before the season of rain, he looks for a natural, heart’s desire from within us to Praise, Glorify his name not just for what he wants to instill in our very own life, but giving him Honor, Glory, Praise, Magnifying his name, for Who he is in general, what he Stands for, which is “True Holiness and without no man shall see the Lord.

    Thank you, Pastor June Reinke, for sharing such an awesome post and title which expresses so much, as at times we need to be reminded where are true and authentic strength comes from in all areas of our life. God bless you, Minister Reinke, praying for your strength in Jesus to be consistent, for the Glory and edifying of the Kingdom of God!️❤️



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