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Your Land is About to Be Turned Upside Down! — 5 Comments

  1. The Lord’s Written and Spoken Word is truely infallable in Truth and Manifestation.  These End Times in which we live, is declared out of Revelation. Many have failed to acknowledge in its entirety the Book of Revelation is that “We are the Generation of Generation of these End Times”, of the Judgment of the Lord.  Thank you my Brother for your continuance of speaking the Right Now Truth to the Religious, Global Warming Advocates, and Nay Sayers of doubt and unbelief.  Hopefully my Brother they will move in “Fear” and actually seek the Lord God Yeshua,the Holy Spirit whom gives revelation and understanding through his Word what really mea-neath this (Global Chaos and Destruction). God Bless You Brother Stephen a Voice Valiant for Truth

      • Amen! Stephen.  My Elohiym has prepared me and is preparing me for these days. Not to fear but to live in the Whole Armour of Elohiym and to keep my eyes on Yahusha. Praying at all times prayers of Supplication in the Spirit.  Knowing Yah is greater than he who is in the world. Because the cancer is growing, the darkness is getting thicker and heavier and there is the need to prepare to persevere and endure to what ever my end is either my physical death or the Rapture but it is for Yahuah to determine not me. God Bless you for your messages..

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