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  1. sweet Jesus You have shown me this over and over and continue to guard my mind, my mouth, my heart and soul… Continue to instruct me in the ways I go. Father God you are faithful you have disciplined me In Love so I will stay on a good path. I see so many in this way at this time and you put this on my lips as a warning… Will they not hear this?? Will they be deceived? How can they read your word and sit in the assembly and not know?  Touch their hearts, Their lives keep me in Your ways Lord so that we do not stumble so we are blameless. 

    this is so much deeper than we are aware
    Father help us

  2. Good words and reminder and confirmation, dear sister. But do you know that they by arbitrariness delete pictures and set them later out of topic ? To destroy everything beautiful. I did not start this. They want to make an ugly game, an insult of everything, to show who is “master”. But the true Master who leads me by His Holy Spirit – if they only knew that offending the Holy Spirit is a sin that He never will forgive. I have forgiven even my worst enemy. But they love to play games. In this hour they have torn my desktop page into pieces, and much harder things happened to my pc, my home and mobil phone and to private family pictures. Some were deleted forever. Other “warnings”I got through mails, sent by my own account ! So that their handwriting can`t be easily tagged.
    BUT GOD – it is amazing and beautiful how His saints are connected, what HE made out of this all. Please pray for those who offend and mock me and hurt me constantly. They are getting paid for this, some are in high jobs, and they need Jesus as we all need Jesus.

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