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Your Life is Hid With Christ in God! — 1 Comment

  1. I received this revelation in a dream concerning my own life. I was running from these men, they were in pursuit of me I ran across the street into the backyard of a house these men in pursuit with all different types and shapes of weapons and guns of different shapes, I was exhausted and afraid.  As I turned the corner of the house I saw standing very tall with stretched out arms, like maybe wings, the image of and figure of man with no distinguished features, He gestured to me to come to him, I did , He instructed with motion to sit, there beside the house between the lines hedges He sat me. Then the caught up with me there in the yard looking for me, looking right at me they did not see me ,even the dog was sniffing me but yet could not detect me, I stayed there and learned the lesson to stay under the protection of the shadow of His wings, do not ever run from that place, ever, while there, the devil will tell many lies to make you doubt your safety, you are safe and protected, keep the faith that He will never move nor leave you, no matter what lies evil present. More to say but that is my living testimony.

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