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  1. Gabrielle,
    This Word was so HEARTFELT, being pulled up from the deep, to gush out over GOD’S BELOVEDS to RESTORE & REFRESH them to be ready & waiting for the next challenge & BRING FORTH THE NEW for a time such as this.

    I can see you in the water, sometimes playing in it as a child, giggling & laughing!  Other times I can see you scooping the water with your hands to push it along, to move GOD’S KINGDOM forward through Words & song. Even as you push the water forward, GOD is pushing you forward in HIS KINGDOM, with MORE POWER & AUTHORITY as your obedience in pleasing Him above all others has Shine through for all to see. 

    Some of the little ones are Seers & see you often as a glowing light literally dancing around them in the classroom.  They take great delight in watching you!
    You have so much to give & pour out to overflowing to each one. BLESSED are you among mankind, for truly you are loved by many for the love of GOD that pours out of you.  BLESSINGS! Bev

    • WOW Beverly, I am speechless.  I did not see this coming with the children I teach, but I have in fact seen a few of them this past week just watching my every move and smiling ear to ear. They just melt my heart with their unbridled joy. One of them said to me that he loves me 18 million times! LOL And of course I had to say it back to him and he smiled.

      Thank you so much for this heartfelt message. And for giving me encouragement!

      Merry Christmas to you my dear sister and the LORD bless you with every good thing of your heart’s desire! ❤️

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