Your Testing from the Past Year Will Cause You to Overcome!


On this first full day of Hanukkah, I feel it would be very beneficial for each one of us to review why this Feast was celebrated.  Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Syrian king, was adamant that the Jews reject their faith and adopt a Greek mindset.  He erected a statue to Zeus in the Temple, and then profaned the holy altar by sacrificing a pig.  A family living outside Jerusalem made a stand.  The father, Mattathais, was a priest with five sons.  One of his sons was named Judah.  Judah came to be called Maccabee, the “Hammer”.  They revolted, retook the Temple, cleansed it, and rededicated it to the Lord.  Hanukkah /ˈhɑːnəkə/ hah-nə-kə; Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה, is the Hebrew word for dedication.  One of the major principles is PERSEVERANCE IN THE MIDST OF YOUR WARFARE.

When you are being tested, never forget: GOD IS ABLE!  God is able to BRING FORTH THE RESOURCES, STRENGTH, VALOR, POWER, STRATEGY, and RICHES YOU NEED!  Many of us are moving forward, but have grown weary in our journey and are saying, “Lord, I need help!”  Moses was in the same place when Jethro told him that he was not able to do everything for the people and needed help. Let the Lord give you His creative strategy of help!  Memorize Exodus 18:18. A testing produces a testimony!

“Both you and these people who are with you will surely wear yourselves out.  For this thing is too much for you; you are not able to perform it by yourself”   Exodus 18:18.

I hear the Lord saying: “What you were tested with in this past season… the enemy will come again with that test.  But this time you will arise and say, ‘I’m not who you tested in the last season!’  And the enemy will now say, ‘I have stepped into the place of my demise.’

The LORD would remind you:

“‘I will form you as a new, sharp, threshing instrument and you will be victorious in your next test.’  The next 3 months will be a forming time for you!  I AM forming something within you.  In My hand I will form you!  I WILL RELEASE SUPERNATURAL DISCERNMENT, POWER AND GIFTING TO YOU!  

I have dunamis power.  If you ask for wisdom, rather than riches, I will give abundantly.  If you need riches to accomplish My covenant purpose, then I will give you wisdom to overthrow the power that is covering your supply.  

Let Me activate the gifts in you, so you accomplish all you place your hand on to do.  Let Me form you as a new weapon and instrument that is ready for My use!


Listen not to the devil, or his messenger, as he attempts to convince you that some things are too big to overcome.  Remember Goliath who spoke for 40 days to remove the faith and triumphant strength of My children.  Be like David!  Remember my CAUSE!  Keep a pure, simple, faith in MY covenant word.  Your faith and My power will destroy the giant that was contesting My cause and promise.”


Chuck D. Pierce 
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Chuck PierceCharles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI). This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve worldwide. GSI facilitates other ministries and participates in regional and national gatherings to develop new Kingdom paradigms. Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new wineskin. Chuck is President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile and is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps nations, cities, churches and individuals understand the times and seasons in which we live.

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