Your Time for Financial Breakthrough not Breakdown

September: Your Time for Financial
Breakthrough not Breakdown


Have you heard negative prophetic words and warnings that there will be a major financial crash this September?

There have been rumors online and on TV shows talking about God judging the world right now and saying that we are entering into an end-time biblical apocalypse.

I want to share with you why I am convinced that this is not going to happen.

There is indeed a shaking happening on the earth with global tragedies and extreme weather patterns.  God is going to use all of this to set up a major revival — not judgment.

Our condition needs to change

I believe God is giving us a new opportunity for financial breakthrough — not breakdown. Ephesians 5:27 indicates that Jesus will return for a Church (Bride), “without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

We are actually far from that condition and have fallen into judging others and not being loving to people who need God.  Yes, September is going to be a time of major shifting, but it will not be the global crash that people are predicting.

Release of Kingdom finances

God is opening an opportunity in the midst of adversity.  True wealth and true riches is a relationship with God.  The main thrust of Jesus’ message was to love people.  Since we have gotten away from this God is going to release Kingdom financial strategies to get us back on track.

In Genesis 26, there was a major famine on earth and God gave Isaac a strategy that allowed him to reap 100 times, instead of suffering losses.  He went on from there and found his own place where there was room for him to grow.

“Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year (year of the famine) reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.”   Genesis 26:12 NIV.

In 1 Samuel 30, David had lost everything he owned but he inquired of God and got a strategy to recover it all (1 Samuel 30:8).  David turned his losses into gain and it changed his life (and that of Israel) and he entered into a time of fulfilling his destiny.

This is a prophetic word for us today. Do not fear.  Instead we need to inquire and listen to God and He will give us instructions and prophetic insight on how to be blessed during any economic downturns.

Understanding true riches

“My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,”   Colossians 2:2–3.

Starting in September expect to see deeper revelation, wisdom and understanding.

September’s 7-year reversal

We are in a time in which God is repaying our losses for all that has happened over the past 14 years.  In 2001 we got hit with the September 11th terrorist attack that sent us into 7 years of turmoil and fear.

Then 7 years later in 2008 we were hit with the U.S. housing downturn and shake up of the banking system.  Many people lost their homes and retirement savings.  On September 15, 2008, we saw one of the biggest financial services file for bankruptcy.

Here we are, 7 years later and it is September 2015.  This is a time for us to press in and contend for our breakthrough and not break down.  Both Isaac and David could have believed the worst, but they pushed through and not only were they blessed, they changed the world!

Our turn

Pulling back in fear will only cause a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.  Don’t believe the negative reports.  God wants to use this to prepare us for one of the biggest revivals in history.  This is our opportunity to be world changers.  We need to inquire of the Lord and get our Kingdom financial strategy and pursue it.


~ Doug Addison

Doug AddisonDoug Addison is a prominent conference speaker captivating audiences with clean stand-up comedy and high energy prophetic messages which he has shared on television, radio and the internet for over a decade.  Doug brings laughter, fun and a unique prophetic style while empowering people to transform their lives, discover their destiny and understand dreams, tattoos and piercings. His powerful messages stay with his audiences long after hearing him.

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