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  1. I don’t follow the election (or any other worldly business) more than what I happens to hear or see from the surrounding environment.
    But my concern is not the ‘worldly’ world but the christian world because I wonder if God really would speak to people about who they shall pray (vote) for.
    Should the Holy Spirit lead any man from the focus of Christ to the focus of a man?
    Do anyone believe that one can have focus on both the world and Christ…when this present world is about to pass away and perish?
    Don’t they understand that these are the days when turmoil arises and people – in mistrust in and disobedience to God- will seek (vote for) human solutions for their security,the same human security that the Lord declares that it not exists.

    As the days progress My experiences and revelations from God is that one is called to be more and more separated from the world and the world’s ways of doing things.
    One is called to take greater faith steps out from any dependence of the ‘world’ system.
    I also experiences that the warnings from the Lord about these things, is soon to come to an end because the separation is soon completed.

    “Your vote vs My Word” is an excellent headline Jim.
    If there is only one way there can not be one more.

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