Your Walk with God – Pt.1


image iconThis article is authored by Dick Leggatt, President of Derek Prince Ministries – USA and this comprises his October 23, 2012 Newsletter.
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“Back to basics.”  It’s a common expression in a variety of fields — education, sports, marriage, etc.  Derek Prince used the term regularly when describing our relationship with the Lord.  And in this month’s Teaching Legacy of Derek Prince, you will pick up this “meat and potatoes” component immediately.  It just doesn’t get more basic than the theme of this two-part series: “Your Walk with God,” with this first installment entitled, “God Shows the Way.”

A remarkable aspect of Derek’s ministry is a phenomenon I have experienced over and over — and maybe you have as well.  Each time I listen to one of Derek’s messages, something fresh pops up in what I am hearing.  Just like when I study the Word of God, no matter how basic or familiar the topic, God shows me a new truth — sometimes one previously hidden from my understanding.  And always, it seems to confront me with a challenge to go deeper with the Lord.

Speaking of challenges, here’s one that Derek poses in this first message: “Does this challenge to move continually forward along the Christian way sound difficult and demanding?”  The answer he provides to that question is surprisingly encouraging . . .  but I guess you’ll have to read his message to find out what it is.   (Just click here.)

No, I’m not toying with you.  It really is better for you to read it for yourself.  But just to assure you that we want to help in every way possible, we’re also offering a free, downloadable MP3 message to reinforce what you read here.  You won’t be surprised by its title: “Progressive Commitment.”  With Derek’s expert help, we’ll keep moving forward in our walk with the Lord.

Let me take a moment to thank you for your help.  Through your prayers and your generous financial support, you have encouraged us so consistently, enabling us to expand our efforts to reach people who are hungry for solid teaching.  We simply can’t thank you enough.

Now it’s time to take in some basic teaching from Derek on Your Walk with God.”


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