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2015: End Time Message from the Throne Room — 2 Comments

  1. Regarding: 2015: End Time Message from the Throne Room

    I enjoy your Prophetic messages.
    I see that you refer to this critical YEAR, 2015/5775, the year of MY REDEEMED.
    That reminds me of something I have commented on my web-page:
    It is about 70% down on the page called END-TIME:
    – The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!
    Also consider Nostradamus’ prediction in quatrain 101
    translated from Norwegian to English):
    – The year that is filled with a likeness of seven,
    a tremendous, approaching blood drama time,
    which runs in front of the millennial kingdom
    when all the dead leave grave peace.
    Do you know that the Hebrew year 5777 starts 3rd October 2016?

    I hope you will watch video no 2 under the picture on my website start-page: The Arch Of The Covenant Found …

    God bless you for doing your best.

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