2015: Prophetic Messages for Kenya and Rwanda


The year 2015 is the year of greatness.

“And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great”   Genesis 26:13.

Greatness means enlargement, increase, honor and to be lift up among others.
It will also be a year of moving forward from glory to glory.

Message for the Nations.

2015 is going to be a year of great shakings.

“And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts”   Haggai 2:7.

There is going to be an increase of darkness in certain nations but there will also be an increase of the glory of God in some nations.

Some nations will experience great economic visitations while others that have been doing well economically will be greatly shaken.

These shakings will include exposure of many scandals in the political chessboard of many nations.

Message for Kenya

Last year in our cross over prayer meeting the Lord told us it was the year of “let my people go.”

One of the prophecies included our president being released by ICC.  The Lord told us that he was going to give us a sign of our president being invited to America though at time the Kenya and American ties were bad.  This was to be a sign that he would be released and the western world would align itself to working with the Uhuru Kenyatta government.  The prophecy came to pass as he was invited to America and released from ICC.

The Lord would say this to Kenya this year.
The nation of Kenya is going to prosper in this region this year as never before.

The economy would grow at 7 percent.  God has given our president the wisdom of Solomon to take this economy to another level.

The Lord would say this to the president of Kenya”
“On the day that you knelt down at Kasarani stadium I visited you that night like I visited King Solomon at Gibeon and gave you wisdom on how to lead this nation to great economic prosperity.  Many leaders in this region will come to inquire from you on wisdom of how to turn around economies.
I raise this economy and the World Bank, IMF and other international organizations will come to ask you wisdom on how to work with African economies.
The queen of Sheba visited Solomon, the queen of England will visit this nation as one of the signs of great economic prosperity coming to this nation.
If you continue to humble yourself before me the next election will be a walk over.  There is peace coming between you and your enemies.”

I saw a land slide killing many people.  We need to pray against it

Message for Rwanda

Delivered on 1st January 2015 at All Saints Cathedral Nairobi

You begin the seven years of rapid prosperity tonight.  You do not have much but you have strove to use what you have well.

The Lord would say to you that “I open your eyes to see minerals you had never seen before in your nation.  There will be gold discovered in that land and that gold will be unique from the gold of other nations.  I make you to be a model of many nations.  I release a new garment upon your president.  Initially you looked at him as a warrior but tonight I visit him to give him a mantle of a FATHER because the season of a warrior is over.

You will in the days to come be called the Singapore of Africa and you will be an attraction of many professionals from this region.  Many are coming to leave in your nation from this region, do not be scared because of space, open up the doors and receive them.

Remember you were strangers before in many nations and I gathered you back as I gathered Israel.  Open your hands and receive the strangers, this is My strategy of preserving your nation in the days to come when the enemy tries to rise up as he did in the nineties.”


Julius SuubiJulius Suubi of Highway of Holiness Ministries International




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  1. Amen!

    The president is indeed among the few chosen to lead the Kenyan community to greater heights.

    God is in control and we have an opportunity to spread the gospel this year to many.

    Pray for Mombasa that God would shield the Christians from the Islamic sect that are out to do evil.

    Bless you.

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