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  1. Neville,

    You are a true prophet of the Lord. As you are the prophet, I am the Apostle as written in “Wheat and Tares.”
    These new Apostles are learning God’s Will as explained through the Servent of God, Louisa Piccarreta. Jesus appeared to her and taught her what the “Our Father” prayer means. “On Earth AS it is in Heaven” we are learning to completely give up our Will and turn back to God and his Will as before Adam sinned. Our acts of reparation taught to Louisa is pulling Heaven closer to Earth. Anyone can study and learn about this new kingdom and join us in this fight to bring Heaven back to Earth. Go to “www.the coming of the kingdom” and learn more about this Amazing gift God has given us!

    • Hi,I have been an avid reader of your magzine the finest hour n have been searching n reading your pdfs teachings.i would want to also teaching concerning prayer n more.i have read your pdfs about intercession.can I have more,specially spiritual mapping.i really want to hear from you about this we r having small group now n I want to be instrumental for His Glory pls do send your teachings, how to equip the end time harvest.thank you very much for anything.

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