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2022: A New Kingdom Era of Radical Transformation — 6 Comments

  1. God Bless you, my wife and I see your ministry as truly prophetic. I wanted to ask if Veronika would pray that my prophetic gifting might be fully restored. Three years ago I was attacked by a high level witch/satanist and my spiritual hearing has not been the same since.

    John and Beth from Arizona

  2. Permit me to comment on why some prophetic words don’t come to pass immediately or delay leading to some people been disappointed as mentioned by a brethen. The time prophetic words will come to fulfillment depend largely on many factors like: fervent prayers for it to come to pass or not, faith, God’s perfect timing, seed sowing/sacrifice , holiness/ purity of heart e.t.c. Remember prophet Elisha ‘s prophecy & the king of Moab’s sacrifice which God saw & stopped Israel’s victory against Moab.  Also, many believers of which i am part of only read prophetic words without backing them up with prayers to come to pass. Remember again the case of Daniel & the king of Persia(evil spirit) stopped his answers from reaching him until Angel Michael stepped in to defeat the demonic forces.  Sometimes too, God can decide to change things for our Good. HE is the God of times & sessions. Alsio, human pride can cause a delay or stoppage.  Recall PASTOR ABEL PRAISE most times in his prophetic words on HKP would tell us that the outcome of the words would depend on if the Bride is ready to Pray.  So the Answer is ” We need to pray fervently over Prophetic words to come to pass speedily “. Lets not wait for God to do everything for us. Dear Brethren, don’t be disappointed as God is faithful to His word. Prophetess West, God bless you & your ministry. My opinions please. Thanks.

  3. I could not go through times like these with the prophetic input of His vessels…..!

    Yet, beside encouragement there is disappointment rising up when things just do not happen at the prophesied time!
    Here again,- it was prophesied in the word mentioned from March 2021 that the nations of the Earth would be filled with the Glory of the Lord through Passover!

    Some give up on believing in prophetic words because of this, which is so sad!

  4. Dear Veronika

    Just read your word.
    Very blessed.

    But your March 2021 part included this:
    ”Worthy is The Lamb who was slain, to receive Power and Wealth and Wisdom and Might and Honor and Glory and Blessing, and all who dwell on earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in The Book of Life of The Lamb who was slain!”

    And I found the first half being Rev 5:12 and the second half being Rev 13:8.
    But in 13:8 they were worshipping the Beast (Dragon).
    Please help open this up for us.

  5. Please see Charlie Shamp’s word giving the dates 2-2-22 through 2-22-22 — 21 days of major moves of God. Revelations, disclosures, angelic aid. Perhaps there are multiple-layered meanings to your “22 marking the….”, especially since the LORD brought this again to your attention.

  6. I cannot begin to tell you of the deep revelation the Lord gave me about the Oak tree in this compilation of revelation given here, Amazing, I had been praying in the spirit after I read it and went into intercession (heavy) and saw the oak tree that just fell roots up out of the ground on my son’s YWAM Hospitality house last week. What a great understanding I got re: the nations and God’s Faithfulness to recover all! I woke us this morning worshipping with You Deserve the Glory and went right into Great is thy Faithfulness and then Shelley encouraged me to gp back and read This last word again. GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS to show me answers are now at hand to some things I have prayed for years especially when I lived in the red house that the oak tree fell on..the ceiling was not harmed and it missed the ministry van. Thanks for your listening ear and heart Veronika.

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