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  1. PS: I have just read that since Dec 2021 people are meeting at the Marienplatz ( the centre of the historic city) in Munich to hold a prayer meeting, praying the Rosary in front of the Marian column commending the welfare of our fair land to Her. She is our Patrona Bavariae. There must be appr. 600 such prayer groups by now all over Bavaria. Initially they were harrassed by Police but this went to Court and the Police has been ordered not to interfere, to stay away. Which they have done so far albeit grudgingly.
    I am crying for joy.

    God bless you all.

    • PS:
      I could now check the website on which the recurring prayer dates are listed and everybody can add a new venue.
      These appr 600 prayer venues, usually weekly are all over Germany, not only in Bavaria. Two are in Austria: one is near Linz!( Any connection to Veronika West’s prophecy regarding the spearhead for Austria being Linz? ) The second prayer venue is in Tyrole.
      The prophesies state that the Revival will be so massive that any religious practice ( I presume this will relate only to us Christians) in public will be barred.Everything so far has developed incredibly fast – then this must be soon.

  2. Dear Yvonne,
    I believe the Father wants to draw your attention to my people, the native German speakers in the heart of Europe.They have woken up and are rising up, peacefully and well organized. The momentum seems to be incredible. I have to watch from afar, but I pray for them as I do for all the others out there. Recent German governments may have poisoned our relations but I feel poisoned as well. All the people fighting this battle are a small minority in their countries and more suffering and hardship will come. But you know this. We all have to stand together. Perhaps British people on the whole do not really know very much of relevance about us. Therefore: Bitte komme!!

    God bless you and keep you safe.


  3. “Bitte komm” is a heartfelt invitation, almost plea to visit.
    Just as the Lord knocks on the doors of our heart, so also does the enemy of our souls, luring us in, deceiving us with false obligations to disregard the true preparation of hearts for what’s to come.
    Yvonne, I love your art, your transparency and yes, your nation, declaring Isaiah 54:17

  4. This is Absolutely powerful, Yvonne! I am praying with you and others. In the Spirit
    heard the Word ‘Mosaic’ for you.
    Also the Lord is using the Word ‘key’ to me, The latest I believe ties in to the book of Revelation. Sitting on it awhile, for the Lord to put the whole picture together. . God bless you much my sister.

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