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  2. Thank you Lord for healing division and differences in our families in 2023.  Thank you Sandi for your beautiful heart to obey the Lord in posting this awesome Word.  Blessings to you and family!!!

    • Hello MF and Happy New Year to you. May all your hopes be fulfilled as we enter with expectancy a wonderful turnaround in 2023. Our God is an awesome God I receive with gratitude your kind words and blessings! Sandi Holman

  3. Oh wow this was on point Sandy, one of those messages where you feel Yeshua speak to you and your own situation.
    So grateful and appreciative of this word, thank you and be blessed xx

    • Dear Wildhorse, so very glad that you heard Yeshua speak to you through His message for this year. I receive your kind accolades with and with great joy I receive your blessing! Peace and goodness in your new year, Sandi Holman

  4. Yay! I want to be part of the radical Remnant! Thank you, Jesus!  Also, thank you for healing familes and for people learning to forgive. Also, thank you Sandy for your obedience to the Lord!

  5. Oh Sandi, how beautiful and on time, my lovely friend. I love where Father spoke about the healing in families for 2023. 

    I bring out one quote as also what I am hearing clearly in the spirit about.

    I hear the voice of The LORD saying, “Never!  Never reject the process!I AM balancing The Scales of Justice, as I bring Restoration, Reset, and Revival. Amen and amen.”

    The Process is so important to us!

    I love you sis and friend.

    • Happy New Day in our exciting New Year my sweet friend, Joyce. I am so looking forward to that balancing and I know you are as well. May we stand together firmly, my sister as we endure the process to the end! Love you Big, Sandi

  6. God bless your beautiful heart Sandi.
    Happy New Year!!
    I’m so glad to see you posted and I’ve devoured everyone of His Kindhearted Words through you.
    But I also wanted to say thank you for the song you posted last week as well. I’ve been singing “Lord Prepare Me” night and day ever since!! :D
    I don’t look to the prophets for a “word”, but for encouragement in this grueling demonic and satanic onslaught. I know He’s working it for good, and I pray for these ones of His who truly have no idea what they’re doing, but the kind words of encouragement I receive through His people are not just needed, but are keeping me alive. The tearing down, the mocking, the cruelty of Satan’s word’s through them are counteracted by the Kindesses He releases through His own.
    Thank you dear beautiful daughter of the Most High, and God bless you!!

    • Dearest One, J hope did not imply we don’t need Prophets and their valuable input that discerns and speaks trust and truth that brings hope, truth and balance to the moment we are experiencing. I was referring to PERSONAL PROPHECY and how many have relied on that for their identity without deep intimacy in the Secret place that connects us the the one who gifted us and directs and places us in the place of our calling. I hope that brings clarity and not critical pointing of the finger. I would hope as long as you have followed me, you are able to see love, honor and hope in what I share. May this be your most beautiful, most encouraging and blessed assurance years ever. Happy New Year, Cherish and much love as you continue to serve Him with a sold out heart to do His bidding. xoxo Sandi

      • Oh Sandi, I’m so sorry you perceived it that way, it wasn’t even a thought in my heart.
        I cant thank Jesus enough for you, and for all who’ve played such a crucial role in the Father’s lifting through encouragement and kindness.
        Keep on doing exactly what your doing Sandi, your absolutely amazing!!
        God bless you beautiful lady! :)

        • Dear Cherish, I am fine. I was just wanting to clarify if in any way I implied I was calling anyone out or bringing correction. You would never offend me because I trust your heart and love for our Savior. God bless you going forward in this new beginning the Lord is providing. You, my friend, are also amazing as you express your pure heart and motives to serve our Lord. Love and peace, Sandi

      • 哦,桑迪,我可爱的朋友,多么漂亮又准时。我喜欢父亲谈到 2023 年家庭康复的地方。




        你将凭着信仰大胆发言,相信——全世界都将看到看不见的变成可见的——全世界都将知道黑暗中隐藏的事物正在被带到光明中,以彻底救赎真理,这将消除所有谎言,” 耶和华说。




        [ HKP : Google Translate : “Oh, Sandy, my lovely friend, how beautiful and on time. I love where my father talked about family healing in 2023.
        I quoted a passage that I also heard clearly in my spirit.
        “As my people step into this new year, a new consciousness is descending upon them. That sudden awakening will awaken the buried truths about God’s authority and their need to take up Jehovah’s sword and cut off the spirit of deception. I am enlightening your understanding and allowing you to see truth and reality as I bring deeper strength within you to begin to speak out of things that do not exist.
        You will speak boldly by faith, believing – and the whole world will see the invisible become visible – the whole world will know that what is hidden in the darkness is being brought to the light in order to redeem the truth once and for all, which will eliminate all lies,” said Jehovah.
        This process is so important to us! I love your sister and friends.
        Reply ↓” ]

        • Dear 黄怡静, I love that passage! YES, a new consciousness!!!What a lovely perception of my word destroy..YES ELIMINATE sounds more FINAL> Thank you for your love and agreement. It is so special to be able to reach out beyond our borders and hear from friends around the world. God bless you and give you new surprises of His goodness, Sandi Holman

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