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Leaping into 2023! — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, how I thank you for the beautiful blessing I received today from the Words of God and the incredibly beautiful music, that all touched my heart. I am 87 serving the Lord with Art and Writing and am alone and poor but I am rich. In Christ’s Love, Carol Morrow


  3. Thank you Lord that you care so much for us!!! You are so beautiful!!! I pray many people will be blessed though this awesome encouraging Word from the throne of our King, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!! Thank you Deborah for your love and faithfulness to our Saviour.

  4. Happy New Year Deborah! Thanks for this powerful word! Especially this: Behold, I have sent My Angel into the New Year before you, to protect you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.

  5. While I prayed this morning, I prayed once again to be unbound by the demons who torment me. Then, God came to me. First Yeshua, Jesus, began to merge with me in a way I can’t explain. But he was rebuilding me as if the stones of the temple that I am were being transformed into some other material. He said when he was done that no demon would ever again be able to come into this new temple. He moved in between the walls of who I am and began putting a space between the walls of my soul and the demons within. All the while changing the very walls of who I am into something new. Then, the Spirit of God merged with me and began working in concert with the Son. Then, the Father merged with me, and he too continued the work. It is still continuing. They call me Bethel. And they are building a new house for themselves. The work continues. I thought someone might want to know this. I have no explanation. My first prayer this morning started with “God have mercy on us”. I lifted up within my raising arms all of mankind and asked the Father to have mercy on us in the name of the Son because the earth is filled with darkness and evil. I felt in my lifted arms all of the souls of mankind, and I made intercession for us.

  6. Isaiah 35 has been a beautiful promise to me from the Father for many years, The Joy of the Redeemed.
    Every day I go to bed hoping to wake to a shame free existence. Hoping that, like so many others I’ve heard from, He will sing over me in the night and I will see Him, face to face, and the shame will be removed. I’ve done all He’s asked, I wear no mask, and tossed the world I wore into the trash…it’s been years!! The vulgar, vile, wicked, are still here. Their drums still sound in my ears and the deliverance has not yet occurred. My body is racked with shame and I pray, like He asked me to, I pray and intercede, night after night after night…still unhealed, still undelivered…
    Yes Lord….

    • That’s sooo beautiful Kirk!!
      May Abba Father and the Lord Jesus Christ pour through you into His Beloved Creation by the Power of His Holy Spirit, and ALL the enemy of deception stole from you and yours be restored!! :D
      God bless you Kirk.
      Happy New Year!! :)

      • Thank you Cherish! I pray that you receive the healing that you require! I have no idea what is happening to me or why, but whatever it is, it is not yet complete. God Bless you and reach down to touch you and heal you!!

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