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3 Divine Encounters — 2 Comments

  1. This is not a risk, it is an instruction, it is very true and confirming…. this does well in putting to words, to explain the communion one shares, the requirements one must yield in desiring the best with the Lord, the exchange, if you will…. if HE wills!  So good!!

    This will help me share with others. I’ve tried using my own words at times I have felt so inadequate. thank you

  2. This is OUTSTANDING !!! This is really HOLY !!!

    I will re-read this later again, dear brother Jim. You shall never ever regret for having taken this risk to share this public. I know how it feels when the risk is so high that you could die under the laughter, mockery and following harder attacks of the worldly focused people. Thank you for sharing it ! This shows that you have a HEART and you are ALIVE !

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