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  1. The Lord has been speaking to me as of lately to go to Nashville TN.

    He spoke unto me a place of refuge.

    I have lived most if my life in Georgia but was born in Murfreesboro TN and I have also been having dreams and visions of mountains all aligned side by side it looks to be seven mountains.

    The only mountains I could think if are the ones seen in Monteagle Tennessee area that you can see the green mountains range there …

    Most of my family lives in Tennessee, I felt the Spirit of the Lord drawing me back to Tennessee three years ago but my wife was not ready to move in that by not moving we gave experienced much opposition and turbulence in the Spirit and much evil here in Ga …

    Any insight would be much appreciated ..

    Again. I seen seven green mountains aligned perfectly side by side ..

    And I heard the Spirit say go to Nashville … A place of refuge

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