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4 Horses of the Apocalypse (Updated) — 6 Comments

    • Hello Sister Linda,
      thank you very much to alerting me to the article. This luciferase (= class of enzymes to measure biological processes through emission of light/bioluminescence. Fireflies emit fluorescence, similar substance.
      If it could be made to penetrate the skin which is not too thin in the face, it could be applied that way; it could be prepared to be inhaled. I suppose it could be done, if not now then later. That stuff can certainly be injected – try to avoid vaccines. It is currently used to measure biological activity in a living organism. As for the rest of the applications mentioned in the article may God protect us and warn us.

  1. The 3rd seal: yes, it will be a man made famine like to Holodomor in the UdSSR 1932 to 1933 under Stalin to oppress the people, especially farmers and people in the country side.The farmers were dispossessed and replaced by kolkhozes which were not too successful compared to the former farmers.The EU has passed its Green Agenda where in effect the agricultural soil will be destroyed if adhered to and lifestock will be much reduced. Farmers will be forced to leave their land and other people will get it for a pittance.The madness about carbon-neutral industry and living will destroy our industrial bases if adhered to by the letter.And food is made more expensive by ‘carbon taxes’ on food.
    I do not have much to add to the 4th seal, that time there will be real pestilences and all disasters on a bigger scale.I believe reducing the population forcefully is on their agenda.
    The 6th seal are the disasters God will be sending: earth quakes,vulcanic eruptions ( the ashes darken the sun and moon) and very many comet’s impacts ( the latter especially were pointed out to my husband), of all destroying might. This will open the eyes and ears of the last to choose the Lord as their Lord and follow him.They are the ones to come out cleansed from the great tribulations and be sealed.
    The three days of judgement will come later.
    Dear Sister, yes,I feel we will see this unfolding fully shortly. The atmosphere is heavy like before the mightiest of thunderstorms. I think all these disasters will coexist for years before the sealing of the chosen servants will be completed.
    As for me, Germany will break up and my fatherland will gain its ancient strength and merit.
    God bless you manifold.

  2. Dear sister in Christ, you are by and large right in your assumptions, but I would like to add some complementary thoughts:yes, the white horse with the horseman represents the ” Corona pandemic”- it is our most common cold virus, has been around probably forever and is in effect no more a threat to health and life as a mild influenza virus. Some people are more susceptible to succumb more or less: men!, people with acquired or inborn immune weakness(the latter is much more common in people of non-European origin)My background- former General Practitioner in UK and Germany.
    The virus has been used very successfully as a means to install terror in the hearts of people with the aim to destroy our civilizations ( The Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030 e.g)The ‘pandemic’ is the smoke screen to introduce subversive laws to erect totalitarian regimes to implement the vicious measures of the Great Reset which will/ would profit some people enormously and only few people have noticed so far. I will continue with the next comment.

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