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Don’t Allow Your Disappointments to Disrupt Your Faith — 5 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless you, beloved Sister Reinke, in Jesus Christ! The Lord has his divine hand and Anointing on you, over and in your life. With all of life’s turmoils, catastrophes, the evil that has been rising into the earth’s atmosphere, we truly need true hearted prophets grafted out from God.

    I am learning to fully submit to Jesus, as in the past when I recall all of the things, miracles and awesome God did for me, I can’t but humbly now before him in total Praise and giving him all of the Glory, for he is the Infinite God, who works in ways that are not always comprehensive by men or women, but this is why He is the Great I AM, the One who cannot be duplicated, replicated, for He is the Only and All Powerful God, able to Do and See All, who Never sleeps or slumbers, hallelujah Jesus!

    God bless you, Sister Reinke! Thank you, for sharing, beloved woman of God! You are appreciated and I would like for you to know that. I thank God, fir using you in such a special way. Much love, much respect!️

  2. My favorite verse to quote is, “You will see that I’ve pulled it off perfectly.”
    Thank you yet again June.
    Blessings :)

  3. Thank you Lord God my father for your faithfulness to me in the past & even now. Forgive me for being impatience witg you now. Help me to know delay is no denial for you are a perfect God & know when to step in & fulfill all you have promised me. Father, am still waiting & will continue to wait upon you. Thanks prophetess June. More Grace

  4. Woman of God…you have no idea how desperately I needed to hear these exact words. Thank you Father God for I know you needed for me to hear them. I truly was beginning to lose hope, but Lord you’ve never failed me. All praise belong to you Father. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I am shaking my head for your love for me and reading this this morning. All I can say is thank you. Please continue to give me peace as I surrender to your will, your way and your timing IJN. Amen

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