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A Coincidence? Or that Which Has Been Prophesied? — 8 Comments

  1. I do believe that there shall indeed be a great shaking—and that there will be many earthquakes bothspiritually and in the earth’s surface.

  2. Amen! An owl can see the evil in what seems good and the good in what seems evil and understands who the systems work to weed darkness out and identify hidden strongholds! I didn’t get it when you first started talking about the owl, but I’ve been paying attention because the mascot of my school is an owl and I wondered if it was significant. The owls can fly in darkness with the level of sight that an eagle has in a time of light. May the owl expose the evil this world is trying to conceal in darkness!

  3. Dear Veronika, I have been following your prophecies with great interest over the last couple of years. What I do not understand about this one, is what do you mean by the 999th day of the 1st month Nissan? That is not making any sense to me. It seems to imply that there are in excess of 999 days in the month of Nissan, which surely cannot be correct! Or does this mean there have been 999 Hebrew Calendar years, but that too does not make sense as we know there must be somewhere in the region of 6,000 years passed. So I just cannot fathom out what you mean by this comment. Could you please explain what you mean un layman’s language? Thank you. Charles Hunter

    • I read what somebody else wrote about it, 27:th of Nissan, gives 9 three times
      (9+9+9) Then it makes sence…

  4. If God sees life as beginning at conception, as we surely believe, then the Duke of Edinburgh’s actually ended at the age of 100.  I had thought the same concerning Billy Graham, who is also recorded as having lived 99 years, although with fewer months added than the Duke of Edinburgh.

  5. Interesting as well. The discovery of the “ golden city” in Egypt just being “released and revealed” this morning discover in 9/22. 99 years since the discovery of king ruts tomb in 1922!

  6. About fifteen years ago I had a dream that the Duke of Edinburgh would die. This did not seem to me significant at the time, because he would then have been reasonably old, aged about 84 years, and because each of us die – unless we are called to meet the Lord in the air. 
    However, at least one of the prophetic couple I was staying with at the time did think it was significant. 
    Having listened to someone else tonight, I now agree, thinking his passing may be significant in triggering some other things that have been so far held back up. 
    The lesson I draw from this is the need to ask the Lord about the possible significance of dreams that may at first appear insignificant.

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