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A Delay in God’s Judgement in America? — 3 Comments

  1. I could probably help with you figure it out. For the 1st part of your vision I can say is a major event which is an event of trump uncoverung some corruption in the American or some other government. The second part seems to take places futher into future with you guys running from a disaster and taking cover from it which follows up an sight of the 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 Rapture.

  2. Going back to 9-11, the fall of the twin towers looked to me to be very like an expertly executed, controlled demolition, as did the under-mentioned fall of Building 7, which had not been hit by a plane. The BBC had announced the fall of Building 7 when it was still standing. I cannot believe the Afghan Teleban were any more responsible for 9-11 than I can believe that the BBC newscaster in question had an extraordinary gift of prophetic declaration.  i

  3. The Lord gave me a dream. Maybe someone can interpret. I saw Donald trump going into a place I felt was a government building. He wasn’t sneaking around yet did not want to be seen by people who where in the building but wasn’t supposed to be there. The it switches to I’m with a man and two babies in the car on a green paster headed in one direction. Many cows maybe ten where to my right and left. I said we have to turn around bc I didn’t want to hit the cows. They where brown and very tall. Not brown like brown but brown reddish. On the way back to the main road we took shelter with a old man and a old woman who gave us supply’s. When we reached the main road it started to bend and warp like waves and I looked up and I saw in the clouds angels about to blow the trumpet.

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