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The Truth About Faith — 9 Comments

  1. 엘런 목사님; 이렇게 뵙게 되어서 감사합니다

    [HKP : Google Translate : “Pastor Ellen; Thank you so much for seeing you like this” ]

  2. Absolute truth. Absolute power. Such a wonderful inspiring word especially in these days especially in my life. Thank you Bruce and God bless you greatly.

  3. Sir, Thank you so much for this article. Yes, God has a role to play like wise ourselves in whatever we want to get from the Lord. You need to have a radical/bull dog Faith (believe in God without wavering & imagine it’s done before you even see it manifested in real. May God increase your anointing Sir.

  4. A Truthfully GODLY appraisal clear transparent Heavenly Teaching. AMÉN.


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