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A Divine Distinction Jigsaw Comes Together — 3 Comments

  1. It is a MIGHTY WORD to be released…11th Hour is the HOUR OF TRANSITION….Many Nations in the “tunnel of transition” or the “Valley of Decision” (Joel)
    Joel 2:11-12
    And the Lord utters His voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong and powerful who execute [God’s] word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible, and who can endure it?
    Therefore also now, says the Lord, turn and keep on coming to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning [until every hindrance is removed and the broken fellowship is restored].
    Joel 2:13-14
    Rend your hearts and not your garments and return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in loving-kindness; and He revokes His sentence of evil [when His conditions are met].
    Who knows but what He will turn, revoke your sentence [of evil], and leave a blessing behind Him [giving you the means with which to serve Him], even a cereal or meal offering and a drink offering for the Lord, your God?
    Joel 2:27-28
    And you shall know, understand, and realize that I am in the midst of Israel and that I the Lord am your God and there is none else. My people shall never be put to shame.
    And afterward I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

  2. I have read through Exodus 9-12 with my kids the last two days as part of our normal reading and I really felt some power on it!

    One of the things that stuck out so incredibly clearly was “and on all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am the Lord.”

    The judgement wasn’t against the people of Egypt, it was against their gods!!!! I feel like the same applies with us today.

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