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A Divine Spiritual Linking of Canada and The UK — 3 Comments

  1. Yvonne, I believe this links back to your Aug 21st (The beauty of wisdom) word & picture of the Mem showing Canada geese flying above the flowing waters.  Jeff A Benner, a hebrew linguistic scholar said this about the mem. Original pictograph looks like a wave

    The Early Semitic pictograph for this letter is , a picture of waves of water. This pictograph has the meanings of liquid, water and sea, mighty and massive from the size of the sea and chaos from the storms of the sea.

    The Modern Hebrew name for this letter is mem probably from the word mayim meaning “water.” The word mayim is the plural form of mah, probably the original name for this letter, meaning “what.” To the Hebrews the sea was a feared and unknown place, for this reason this letter is used as a question word, who, what, when, where, why and how, in the sense of searching for an unknown. The Greek name for this letter is mu, which is a Hebrew word closely related in roots and meaning to the Hebrew word mah. The sound for this letter is “m,” as it is in all other languages.


    Your picture of the mem is shaped like a key and for the last 2+ years The Canadian Firewall has been interceding 24/7 from coast to coast. They have been given keys to intecession and praying for the oil and fire of the Lord. They recently had Veronika West as a guest and linked arms/prayers between our nations.

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