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  1. The Flame of My Love has sustained all who have foregone fiery trials and it shall ignite afresh the burned out ones.

    As you are ignited, you will be united with others who will go forth and light their world. Each ignited one will carry the glow of My Presence into the dark places.

    My fresh Fire shall begin to spread like wildfire to those in My Kingdom.

    I AM releasing My Burning Ones. They are carrying My Heart and the light of My Glory.

    I AM taking you beyond the mundane into the ordained. This very hour of deception shall become your hour of deep perception. Indeed, My Mighty Warrior Bride shall walk with heads held high and display My Power in this hour.””

    Dear Sandy,
    so often now the words you posted have deeply touched me so that I printed them out! Like you my/our life has been filled since decades with seemingly endless tests and trials in all areas of life while reaching my 75 th year of age meanwile still waiting for all the counless prophetig words we received at different places where we lived! We have not had visions or great dreams as so many of you have in the USA here in Germany, but we know this is the Year for Breaktrhough!!
    Be richly blessed, Sandy

    • Dear Dorothea, I cannot begin to tell you how deeply I was touched by your comment. I love how the Lord allows us to identify with his family in similar tests and trials. I so appreciate that His words spoken to me have ministered to you and I truly love that you shared that along with a part of your heart with me. Indeed, I agree..BREAKTHROUGH is here! I will be praying for yours in Germany and sending you my wishes for His richest blessings as well. Prayers and love as you move forward! Sandi

  2. Sandi, Wow! This is a very, deep well put together Word from the Father.
    It is very sobering, but sure refreshing all at the same time!

    Yes to… “Even as darkness continues, the brightness of My Light will dispel the darkness for all who Arise and move forward onto the Path of Life.”

    I choose to move forward and not stay stagnant! Thank you for sharing. God bless you. Love you much!❤

    • God bless your beautiful heart, dear Joyce. We are moving forward AS ONE as we ARISE to the challenge on the Path of Life. I decree and declare that the brightness of our LIGHT will blind the eyes of the enemy quickly and the Glory of the Lord will be seen throughout the land. So glad we are in this together, my friend. Love you so much, Sandi

  3. Dear Susan, Such a joy to hear your response. I am delighted that you have been blessed by His words through me. May He continue to show up in MIGHTY AMAZING ways as HIS GLORY covers the earth. Love and gratitude, Sandi

  4. What a beautiful word.  It spoke to my heart as the Lord said that he is taking many home in this hour.  My husband just passed away two and a half months ago and I know in my heart he is with our Lord Jesus.  I am very happy he is not suffering any more and he is at peace with Him.  It is sad to see what is going on but we need to remember that the Lord is always with us.  Thank you for your obedience to post this AWESOME WORDS. IN THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST, YOUR SISTER IN THE LORD.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, dear sister Maria. So happy that it blessed you. There has been an update with a POSTSCRIPT reference to a Prayer of Forgetfulness by Angus MacKillop that is so good. Love and blessings, Sandi Holman

  5. Sandy I need to. Confess to you that your life was a bed of roses, all these years your words have been so full of joy and trust.  Silly me
    A true friend to all.  Sis sheila

    • Bless you, dear Sheila for you reply. I love when I get an opportunity to engage with those who responded to God’s word. Blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  6. My God thank You!!!
    Sandi, God bless your beautiful heart!!
    I’m so grateful to our Father for bringing you into my life. The enemy has been so cruel, and the persecution relentless, but I know as I completely surrender it all to Him, and forgive His deceived wounded children, He comes in and does more than we can imagine!!
    He has truly transformed me in The Fire.
    When I was a little girl, my favorite song was “It Only Takes A Spark”. He’s brought it back to my remembrance and I’ve been singing it daily.
    This is the Word He gave me today…soo good!!
    Psalms 85:10-13
    Love and Faithfullness meet together;
    Righteousness and Peace kiss each other.
    Faithfullness SPRINGS forth from the earth,
    and Righteousness looks down from Heaven.
    The Lord will indeed give what is good,
    and our land will yield its harvest.
    Righteousness goes before Him
    and prepares the way for His steps.

    • Dearest Cheri, I have to say, I love YOUR beautiful humble heart. Your transparent heart comes through as you are so grateful for God’s goodness. I am so blessed that God has used me to bless you and that that SPARK HE gave you as a child has become a flame of fire for HIM. Love and blessings, Sandi

  7. Truly Amazing……God is So So Awesome and Good and Showing Himself in amazing mighty ways….Glory to God…..Glory to God!
    I have followed your messages and have been so blessed. Thankyou, Sister!

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