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  1. Dear Patricia –

    The Lord will bless you for your An obedience in delivering this Word. Yes, He will bless you for trusting Him. Courage is so vital and necessary for any and all of us – that the Lord has pulled into the prophetic movement.

    More than ever, may we all be as the sons of Issachar – ‘rightly-dividing’ the revealed Word of God.

    • Elizabeth ~

      You are truly an encourager to the Body of Christ. Just a day prior I wrote a decree about rightly dividing the Word of truth. We so need to have His wisdom to rightly divide
      the revealed Word of God. My heart bubbles about the Sons of Issachar and discerning the times and seasons. Blessings

      • Patricia – Sunday pm 4/7/24

        Godspeed my dear Sister.

        I just returned home from church -knew I was to sit quiet before Lord. And listen. Things are lining up. Heavens ready to make a statement.

        For sev. weeks now, Lord’s been reminding me of a vision He gave me about NY (1983 terrorist attack), and in 1985 – earthquake(s) in America. I wrote about in a book. 2024 came- and I began to feel from the Lord “this is that” – what you saw so long ago. I feel like ‘a deer in the headlights” – it’s here. It’s sudden. Judgments can’t be delayed any longer.

        It’s because HE loves us so much, and HIS MERCY is so great – and so many would die without Christ – that HE even patiently has given us so many warnings. I can almost see Him weeping over us w/ open arms.

        There will be no more revivals after THIS ONE – the Lord told me some time ago. This is the final harvest call for America. We pray many many comments , but sadly, not all will heed the call. Earthquakes are often God’s horn to announce ‘last call’.

        So we Fast-Pray-Do-Stand in the gap, for the nation. For all of us.Taking communion daily. Pleading the Blood of Jesus over USA. Our only Shield is the Lord. Shalom

        • Elizabeth ~

          Am pleading the Blood of Jesus many times a day and felt to take communion earlier this morning. IHave copied your words to ponder again later. So many in the valley of decision. God is speaking through these earthquakes.  We need His mercy and a heart that is tender before Him. He
          alone protects and keeps us.
          Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.
          Blessings Elizabeth.

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