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  1. I don’t know if I’m alone in my thoughts but God’s judgment must come to battle the wickedness. It is the only way the most stubborn will repent. His judgments are righteous not evil. They must come. Sometimes if people would repent now, they might be avoided but God has given many years and things grow worse not better. I feel I shouldn’t pray away the judgments but people to be saved through them. Also sometimes in my sinful nature, I WANT those to suffer who have hurt me or loved ones. I know that is not godly…maybe…maybe it is. David prayed for God to judge those who hurt him wrongly. Did he not? So, prayers yes…but for what? For God not to judge? Then we carry on with abortion murders and sales, gross homosexuality sins, child abuse, and all the rest. Is it wrong I want HIS judgment to come? I want things to be holy again…but I should hope only that those who hurt me be saved… i guess. That is what Jesus wants.

    prophets should never be in competition. other prophecies are only to be confirmation to one’s own to know you are truly hearing from God. A prophets job is to speak the words of God as God said them, not to make fancy writings or to please people. That is the stuff of the pharisees and evil ones which God is judging. And he will judge the prophets too! If they participate in worldly sins.

    God help all of us. I for one cannot wait until Jesus’ precious feet touch the Earth. Will be the best day of my little unimportant life!

    • I concur, national sin provokes and induces national judgement and unfortunately what we see today is hardened sinning and not just sin by mistake but blatant trespassing against Yah, blasphemy, idol worship, blood shedding and the list goes on and the unrepentant have become somewhat now reprobate and so YAH in His righteousness will indeed execute judgement and if it means this is how He will rescue and deliver His people from oppression and tyranny and even cause them to turn back to Him then His will be done. We pray for mercy and that the righteous not go down with the wicked. So now is definitely not the time for showmanship in the prophetic but to exude God’s character and speak His Word May God help us

    we all need your mercy oh LORD

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