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  1. A practical confirmation: Yesterday, January 15, I was led to anoint my head with oil, according to Psalm 23. I spoke His Word while pouring out the oil over my head (olive oil from the kitchen) and the flow also moistened my face. I only do this once or twice in a year. Yesterday was that day again when my body and soul and Spirit urgently needed this special act of reinforcement.
    There shall be showers of blessings upon sister Deborah and upon all who love her.

  2. Oh my goodness Lord!! You are just SOO GOOD!!
    Just this morning I was led to pray and decree “LAVISH” goodness and blessings of peace and presence and provisions and power and protection!!
    This is SUCH an incredible confirmation by our GLORIOUS God and Father!!
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah!!:)

  3. So many are looking to the sky for Jesus to return. The truth is all heaven is looking at the earth in anticipation of even a few who truly realize grace is greater then most could dare believe. So many are waiting to pass to the other side to receive their inheritance and the true gift Christ in you has been longing to be revealed. Get ready peoples in a way most will not want to accept Christ is coming. And the religious people of today will scream bloody murder and yet so be it. The time is past being short it is at the door. Many ministers are about to repent or fall and some even both. There can never ever be to much grace and that point is about to be run home in a most awesome way.

  4. WOW is right. Thank you for this word.  I especially enjoy seeing all the scriptures included.  A good study of His truth. 

    TODAY is a beautiful day because You made it.  Your goodness can never be overestimated. Thank you, God.  Amen.

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