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Sea of Red and White in Denmark — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for the clarification of the blood on the doorposts, clear explanation. Daily I plead blood of Jesus over my family, so important, also pray psalm 91 over them too.  Amen

  2. Red speaks of Edom. Edom no longer exists as it was forcibly converted into Judah in 126BC by John Hyrcanus. That means that the modern nation state of Israel is fulfilling the prophesies given to Esau and Edom despite what Bible teachers have told us. God has a contraversy with Edom…and it is playing out in the ICJ as Sth Africa brings genocide charges to the Edomites(reds). The church has supported Edom’s murders since 1947/8 and is complicit in genocide. Repentance is needed.

  3. I’ve been declaring the Blood of Jesus over ourselves, our homes and everything we own daily. The Father says, “put The Blood on the doorposts”. How does He wish us to do so? Thank you.

    • “put The Blood on the doorposts”. How does He wish us to do so? Thank you.

      It’s metaphorical (symbolic) Denise. The door posts are not a specific target! You have already pleaded the Blood of Jesus over your home which includes the doorposts! It’s job done!

    • I have too Denise.  Over and over again, when I take my walks I apply the blood of Jesus to the neighborhood, our home, families, finances…God Bless You too!

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