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  1. Jesus Christ My Apologies, my comprehension, intellect, Emotion and Humility are all discombobulated, misconstrued with more than a hint of selfish desire of the flesh. I AM reading and researching non stop for many many months now since you presented yourself to me through The Urantia Book last November, Thank You. My actions state the flesh I truly despise yet it’s imperative to worship for it is you. When I’m high drinking up for days just reading Researching you’re feeling that too aren’t you. I ask of you right now 8.25.2020 this same day I asked you “what message do you have for me” to please remove at once and fore all this addiction to disease that hinders my infinite being and perfect Temple please please please remove the very idea of it from your Sacred Heart, psyche and soul. Which I just hold while sojourned in this realm. Mr. Ken Dewey Pastor MY apologies for my comment/petition it’s just I really needed this message today. Pastor is like to visit with you sometime about your Ministries. My story won’t fit here perhaps a phone call will. If you find it in your heart to call then it is Divine indeed. You have a great evening and I hope to hear from you soon.

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