The Father Says Today – February 2013


28 February 2013:   The Father says today that I am the brightness and you are the coal.  I will light you up with the fire of My arrival in your life and in your situation.  You will not merely be an observer to My process you will be one to EXPERIENCE the FULL impact of My benefit and blessing upon your life.  I am an inclusive God and I have included you.  You have My RSVP says the Father, just show My favor at the door and all will be opened to you.

I am opening the heaven and opening the earth.  I am shining into the darkness of your life and manifesting Who I am and What I am in every need.  Yes it is true that there are those who only accept the dim shining of years gone by but I am a RIGHT NOW GOD and it is RIGHT NOW in THIS SEASON showing UP and showing OUT in your life!

Depend on Me in this hour says the Father.  Do not limit yourself by limiting your expectation of what I will or won’t do today.  Take the limits away from your thinking says the Father.  It is time to jettison the weak teachings of rationalized unbelief.  There is a contaminated body of theology in the earth that only justifies failure.  I am in your life to VINDICATE My Lordship even this day says the Father and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

27 February 2013:   The Father says today that the sky is not falling the KINGDOM is COMING!  The kingdom is determining current events NOT the media networks or the politicians or some clandestine strategy of hell.  Lest you forget says the Father your adversary was defeated at the cross.  When the enemy subverts your joy and attacks your testimony take a moment to inquire of the dark one and ask him:

“How does it feel to play for the losing team?”

You are not JUST a conqueror says the Father you are MORE than a conqueror!  What does that look like?  You are MORE than a conqueror, you are a PRINCIPALITY and a POWER.  Heaven perseveres in your life until your enemy quivers under your feet and renders up the spoil.  So when the enemy assaults you and threatens you and rails against My promise in your life take a moment to read between the lines.

If you listen closely the ENEMY whispers under his breath “I am a loser…  I can’t touch you because you are covered by the blood of Christ…  You are spiritually superior to me because the Christ lives in power inside of you.  I am defeated I just hope you don’t figure that out or my doom will hasten…”

Be of good courage says the Father.  This is your hour and your season of ascension.  Your worst days are behind you.  Your better days are ahead.  No more crying in the night.  No more groping in darkness.  I am coming through for you on time and on target to manifest the enlargement of your coasts and securing of every border in your life.

26 February 2013:   The Father says today that the sky is not falling the KINGDOM is COMING!  The kingdom is determining current events NOT the media networks or the politicians or some clandestine strategy of hell.  Lest you forget says the Father your adversary was defeated at the cross.  When the enemy subverts your joy and attacks your testimony take a moment to inquire of the dark one and ask him:  “How does it feel to play for the losing team?”

You are not JUST a conqueror says the Father you are MORE than a conqueror!  What does that look like?  You are MORE than a conqueror, you are a PRINCIPALITY and a POWER.  Heaven perseveres in your life until your enemy quivers under your feet and renders up the spoil.  So when the enemy assaults you and threatens you and rails against My promise in your life take a moment to read between the lines.

If you listen closely the ENEMY whispers under his breath  “I am a loser…  I can’t touch you because you are covered by the blood of Christ…  You are spiritually superior to me because the Christ lives in power inside of you.  I am defeated I just hope you don’t figure that out or my doom will hasten…”

Be of good courage says the Father.  This is your hour and your season of ascension.  Your worst days are behind you.  Your better days are ahead.  No more crying in the night.  No more groping in darkness.  I am coming through for you on time and on target to manifest the enlargement of your coasts and securing of every border in your life.

25 February 2013:   The Father says today that the most powerful thing you can do is to ask and inquire of My hand. Ask and keep on asking.  Knock and keep on knocking.  Seek and keep on seeking.  Do not give in to the despair of never hoping for change or deliverance.  Change is possible.  Change is probable. Change is available by My hand says the Father.

Seek My face says the Father surely you will see My hand.  There is no lack that I will not supply.  There is no torment I will not put an end to.  There is no sorrow from which you will not find comfort.  There is a reason that I am called the comforter.  There is a reason that I am called the RESTORER of paths to dwell in.  You cannot see a way forward but I will make a way where there is no way.

My path says the Father is not a path of dimness.  My path for you is that which becomes brighter and bright till all darkness is dispelled.  I am in your life and in your heart and I AM light.  It is who I AM and what I do.  Darkness flees from before Me.  I am exposing and expelling the enemy and breaking every chain he has forged for you . It’s a new day says the Father.  This is your time.  Your blessing time has come.

24 February 2013:   The Father Says Today that you are a native born citizen of the kingdom.  Before any other consideration you are of KINGDOM ETHNICITY.  You have been born to royal privilege and all of heaven rejoiced in regal celebration when you came into the family.  The angels assigned to you rejoiced and viewed their assignment as a demonstration of My favor that I would so entrust you to their care.

I am watching over you says the Father.  Though you may be in the far country of this world take heart for My kingdom is invading earth.  My kingdom is invading earth and your jurisdiction is being made sure.  Every rebellion against My blessing and every principality and power that would oppose the good thing that I would do in you will be crushed and put down.

Fear not says the Father.  I have set the seal of Myself upon you.  The birthmark of heaven is upon you and it is instantly obvious to every opposer that you are of royal birth.  They know if they molest you they will incur My wrath.  I will speedily deliver you with all the ferocity of My love.  I will rend the predator that would so foolishly prey upon you.  You are MINE says the Father and I will protect and defend and guard you till all that I have promised is made manifest substance in your life.

23 February 2013:   The Father says today that I am retooling and reconfiguring your perceptions of My kingdom.  There is a fresh clarity coming upon you EVEN NOW says the Father.  Open yourself to this adjustment for the next five months will be a time of total dependence upon My mind to navigate the challenges ahead.

I have set My seal upon you.  I have marked you on your forehead.  My mark has made you like flint that you cannot be deterred or dissuaded from My promise.  The hour of taking the spoil is NOW.  The season of the transfer of the wealth is upon My people.  Do not falter and do not hesitate says the Father.  Follow My directives and I will lead you and show you the means and methodology by which you will access the currency exchange of the ECONOMY of the KINGDOM.

The nay-sayers may prattle and say the SKY is  FALLING but the SKY isn’t FALLING says the Father – THE KINGDOM IS COMING!  Yes the kingdom is coming and I have extended and invitation for you to enjoy the prerogatives of My limitless blessing but you must draw yourself aside with Me and hear My voice and act in My timing.  This is your hour says the Father!  This is your season.  Determine in your heart that you WILL not BE DENIED!!!

22 February 2013:    The Father says today that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  The enemy is not equal to Me.  I have established a cordon of protection around you and I have no intention of opening you up to destruction.  There is no scenario or contingency in which I will in any way allow the enemy access to you for any purpose.  I am not a capricious God who toys with My creation like a cruel child.  I am a loving Father who superintends the affairs of your life with minute scrutiny in order to bless and protect and provide.

The time and season is upon the earth that necessitates you as My child to rest deeply in the sanctuary of My protection.  It is true that you are in a fallen creation.  There is an enemy and he would devour you if he could.  Always bear in mind that I have given you a certain jurisdiction over your own life and the enemy knows this.  If he can manipulate you into giving him access to the precincts of your life then you will be vulnerable.  So be diligent says the Father.  Be diligent to trust and rely upon Me in all things and to exercise the dominion and authority I have accorded you from the throne.

You are My habitation says the Father.  I choose no other dwelling place than the human heart.  I will not allow the assaults of the enemy to penetrate your walls.  I will defend and protect you.  I will make clear to you day by day the assignment of heaven whereby you may do your part to clear the way and walk under an open heaven.  Let there be a cooperation in your acts and your words with My Spirit in your life.  Say what I say and do what I would do and act with the expectation of My blessing and My provision and you will take the spoil says the Father.

21 February 2013:   The Father says there are some things you want to ask Me.  Go ahead and ask for I will not leave you in the dark.  There are very few matters that  I will not discuss with you says the Father so don’t be hesitant to inquire for illumination is available and I will teach and train and instruct you.  You are My beloved child!  I am not an aloof or distant Father.  I am not one who withholds information or denies you your request.

Ask and keep on asking.  Knock and keep on knocking.  Seek and keep on seeking for in the asking and seeking and knocking your joy will be made full.  I say again that My default answer toward you is yes.  If the cry is in your heart then the answer is in My mouth.  Before you ask I will answer.  I will answer with haste and will not delay to do the thing that you petition Me of.  Only be discerning WHAT you ask and HOW you ask for My blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow when you cooperate with My timetable and My process.

Many times My children are stymied in their prayer life  because they dictate to Me the process by which I will answer.  Understand this says the Father that My purpose is to bring you to wholeness and destiny but I will do so in My sovereignty and not according to any method or means that your natural mind thinks I will act.  So tell your mind to rest and be quiet as you wait upon Me.  In so doing your strength will be renewed and your joy will be full as the answer arrives in My timing.

20 February 2013:   The Father says today that I have a ways and a means to accomplish the things you are trusting Me for.  You need not fret or concern yourself about HOW I will do the things in the earth that I purpose to do.  I am God of the process and perfectly capable of delivering you at the appointed time from every snare and strategy of hell.  You will not be robbed of your blessing.  You will not fail to come into your blessing time.  Listen to My voice and respond to My prompting.

Reasoning and rationale will often create unnecessary delay.  Do not allow the questionings of your mind to give you pause as you obey Me.  The waiting need not be long says the Father.  Surely I do not work on man’s timetable.  There is an assumption that I delight in exasperating My children with delay and that is NOT TRUE.  I am an ON TIME GOD who will bring you into YOUR NOW if you will trust and listen and ACT when I prompt you.

There is among My children a theology of delay and denial that is born of unbelief.  This thinking seeks to justify a life of weakness and failure.  I am not refusing you says the Father.  My focus in your life is to bring you to your highest happiness and greatest effectiveness in My kingdom.  I will use you and fulfill the cry of your heart at the same time.  There is not one legitimate need or desire that I will deny you if you give Me the cooperation that makes breakthrough possible.  Set aside the arguments says the Father for I don’t need convincing to answer your prayer.  Receive My assistance and trust.  Listen and respond you will be pleasantly surprised and will rejoice at how promptly I move to do those things you have long trusted Me for.

19 February 2013:   The Father says today that I am your defender against all challengers.  You are not going to have to defend yourself.  You are not going to have to come up with answers for why you have made decisions you have made because the opinion of man does not matter.  There are those who will say they do not understand what you have purposed and what you have done but in reality they understand they just don’t agree.  It is not your job to convince them.  I am your defense and I am your defender says the Father and I will vindicate the decisions that I call upon you to make.

You cannot please both God and man says the Father.  Men are not going to understand the course I bid you to take at times.  I will give you trusted counsellors but there will still be those moments you will have to go it alone and step out in audacious obedience.  Those are the water walking moments and in those moments I will be the solidity of your path and the surety of the outcome you have trusted Me for.

I am sending you to the broken and fractured with a word of healing.  They have been impugned and judged and put down but you will give a word of grace and forgiveness.  You will realize that I overlooked and forgave much and because I have forgiven you much you will also forgive great transgression and egregious sins in the lives of others.  In so doing you will be impugned along with those malefactors  even as I was when they counted Me among the transgressors.  These are times of rejoicing for the judgments wherewith they reproach you will fall on Me and in so doing you will please your Father in heaven.

18 February 2013:   The Father says today that others may count you out but I have counted you in.  They crafted a plan and determined their purpose says the Father . They thought they would exclude you but I have counted you in.  They THOUGHT you were not a force to be reckoned with but they didn’t take into account the hidden resource of Myself on the inside of you.  They could not conceive in their limited thinking that I would bless and use and empower you.  They don’t have a clue just how far My favor is taking you.

Man devises and plans and schemes says the Father but My plan and My purpose rules over all.  They counted you out but I have counted you in.  You will live and not die and see the salvation of God in the land of the living.  You will be a My exemplar of lost causes elevated to fulfillment and victory.  Don’t cast away your confidence says your Father.  Do NOT cast away your confidence for it has GREAT RECOMPENSE of reward in your life.

Those promises that you laid aside in the dowry chest of faint reminiscence I am resurrecting to immediate and now possibilities.  I am God says the Father.  I can do anything I want anytime I want and I don’t have to check with any one.  This is your day and your time and your season.  I dare you to dream a bigger dream.  Go ahead I challenge you to find the far horizon of My unconditional love and total willingness to reshape your life and send you into the orbit of My joy and My glory and My love which is your FULL portion and inheritance in the earth.

17 February 2013:   The Father says today do not allow yourself to be distracted from My purposes in your life.  I am working and unfolding a manifestation of Myself within you.  I am bringing you to the full measure of the stature of Christ.  I am according you KINGDOM PRIVILEGE that you might know and enjoy the full benefit of what I paid for on the cross.  Accept that benefit says the Father.  Appropriate it by your words and make the full dividend of Calvary your own.  Allow the FULL SPECTRUM of My blessing to flow to every area of your life.

I went to Calvary to make available to you grace for every need.  Your health is My concern. Your relationships, children, finances there is no area of your life that I am standing aloof from.  I took wounding and stripes that those prayers you pray to Me might be answered.  I have fulfilled every condition says the Father.  You cannot earn your way by good works into My favor.  I gave you My favor even when sin was still holding you in its grip.  My love began unconditionally and it continues unconditionally.

So break off of you the yoke of religious expectation . I FREE you even this day from the false expectations of modern day Pharisees who won’t enter in and won’t let anyone else enjoy My freedoms. Be free says the Father.  Accept the liberty that is resident in My presence within you.  Draw upon My presence and apply the ointment of Myself to your every need.  You will see that manifestation and the glory of a FULL ANSWER for every need says your Father.

16 February 2013:   The Father says today that I will always keep you informed if you will listen. I will open your eyes and I will show you mysteries and reveal in advance that which you need to know. I will show you what is on the morrow and I will make known to you My plans that you might cooperate fully with My purpose.

Come to Me says the Father in intimacy and in rest and I will commune with you. As Abraham of old I will not hide from you that which I plan. You will sense and at times even see those things coming upon the earth that I said in My word. Fear not. Fear not the difficulties and calamities on the horizon for I will protect you as you listen to Me and act in My timing.

You are the apple of My eye says the Father. Though ten thousand fall around you I will not allow the enemy to so much as touch one hair on your head. You are not subject to the same happenstance as someone who does not bear My name. So run into My name says the Father. Speak My name in moments of assault and pressure. Invoke My name and the enemy will back off and you will step forward into victory when others are in full retreat.

15 February 2013:   The Father says today that I have not called you to be successful I have called you to be obedient.  Purpose in your heart to be a kingdom seeker, and I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE OUTCOME.  Release the outcome says the Father.  It is My hand that MOVES the MOUNTAINS and causes the tides of adversity to pool helplessly at your feet.  It is MY HAND that heals your body, raises your dead and brings down every wall and opens every door.

Rise up says the Father and KNOW THIS: the adversary has NO DEFENSE against your obedience.  My GRACE is upon you.  My unmerited favor is underwriting all of your efforts . I will make up the difference and shore up every area of weakness and doubt.  Where your faith ends My faith within you takes up and MOVES YOUR MOUNTAINS!

Yes, says the Father I am ON YOUR TEAM and standing in YOUR CORNER!  I am supplying ALL that is lacking and putting you over.  Did you really think I would leave you hanging?  I will NEVER ABANDON that heart that is postured in humility before Me.  Don’t look back says the Father.  Don’t be dismayed and don’t grade yourself any longer.  I am the judge and I am your advocate.  There is no room for the accuser before My throne.  My courts are the courts of FAVOR and blessing and you stand before Me with the gavel of GRACE coming down in THIS MOMENT in your FAVOR!!!

14 February 2013:   The Father says today that I am a God of gardens.  I placed you in your life just as I placed Adam in Eden.  I gave Adam authority and dominion to tend and keep the garden.  This is that same authority that I have given you in your own life.  You are not a hapless victim subject to the whim of circumstance.  You are a tender and a keeper of your own life says the Father.  I have given you dominion over the processes and purposes of life.  Take your place and take your dominion.

When you hear the serpent whisper in your garden don’t pause to reflect or ask him to repeat himself.  Take authority over the encroachment of the enemy and cast him out.  The angels with the flaming swords in your life are there to back you up in every confrontation.  In Adam’s day the angels were not assigned to wait for Adam’s first mistake and then eject him.  They were there for his good likewise there are angels assigned for your good to assist and support you in every endeavor.

When I came to earth and took on the form of man I did not use some secret power that isn’t available to you.  I actually limited Myself to only those privileges and powers that I came to make available in your own life.  You have mountain moving authority.  You have dominion to cast out devils and heal the sick and still the waves.  Speak to the storm in your life and the storm in your life will obey you as it obeyed Me.  You have asked Me to do something about the situation but I have done already on the cross all I am going to do.  Take your authority.  Take your dominion and see the victory that results.

13 February 2013:   The Father says today let My boldness be your portion.  Timidity and silence are not your portion.  Do not allow life and the problems of life to still your voice of praise.  Your testimony is a testimony of wonder and greatness and victory.   Victory is your portion.  You are not born to small things says the Father.  Smallness is not your native habitat.  I am a big God and I am making room for you that where I am you may be also.

Rejoice says the Father.  Rejoice with great joy.  May your voice be heard on high.  May your voice says the Father be heard in the lowest hell that it may give hope to the captives that see no way out of the difficulties of their life.  Do not allow the enemy to intimidate you or to silence your praise.  It is for My glory I am perfecting praise in your heart and in your mouth.

Let the torrent of praise burst from you this day.  I will strongly defend and support you says the Father as you allow the river of My life and My love to find expression in your heart.  Make war with praise and make war with the words of your mouth as praise and glory become articulate and verbal within you.  The enemy will flee and the accuser be silenced as you give praise and exultation and glory to My name in all YOUR earth says your Father.

12 February 2013:   The Father says today that I am your healer just as I am your savior.  When I went to the cross I paid the price for every dysfunction and difficulty in your physical body.  I am not JUST concerned with ETERNITY or strictly spiritual matters.  Four of the nine gifts of the Spirit have a direct bearing on your physical health.  Trust Me for your bodily aches and pains and sickness for I AM the Lord Your God that HEALS YOU.  Healing is not just what I do – HEALING is WHO I AM for I AM –  Jehovah-Raphe.

If I was Jehovah-Raphe to the Old Covenant saints because they trusted in an animal sacrifice, how much more am I your healer when you trust in the shed blood of the Cross?  So extend your trust in My hand to include not just eternity but your physical condition.  I am even now causing your health to spring forth speedily.  I am causing your youth to be renewed says the Lord.  I am multiplying your life expectancy and extending your years.

I am extending your years and rolling back the detrimental effects of age and even the misuse of your body . Forgive yourself says the Father.  Receive the forgiveness and the grace to overcome addiction, overeating and substance abuse.  Release the guilt.  I place no value on pointless guilt.  Guilt destroys hope and closes the door on your deliverance.  You are not a bad person because you overeat or struggle with addiction.  You are the righteousness of God in Christ – lean on ME says the Father and I will take you away from this place of suffering and bondage and FREE YOU from the addiction and effects of the years of struggle.  You are CLEAN says the Father. You are CLEAN through THIS WORD that I speak to you NOW.

11 February 2013:   The Father says that I AM the Comforter and I am extending My comfort to you this day.  Be comforted says the Father.  I am the God of War and I am securing your borders by the strength of My right arm.  Your sleep will be sweet and you will lay your head down in safety.  It is vain to lie awake in fear and worry when I am patrolling your boundaries and making safe and secure every aspect of your life.

So be at rest says the Father and let down your defenses.  You do not have to hunker down behind false bravado.  Neither do you need to run from intimacy or honesty for I love you as you are and where you are.  Your shortcomings and failings don’t intimidate Me or give Me pause says the Father.  I have every confidence in who I AM and what I AM in your life.  I am perfectly capable of changing and molding you into My image.

So relax says the Father and rest in My everlasting arms.  Cooperate with Me for when you come out of rest and come out of peace you are resisting Me for I am your rest and your peace.  Trust Me says the Father and know that I am visiting you this day and taking your hand off the tiller of your life for I AM your Pilot and I am guiding you to My safe harbor.

10 February 2013:   The Father says today that My honor is available to you today.  My honor is available and it is not wrong to seek My approval.  The approbation of heaven is that which brings your destiny into manifestation.  I have a purpose and a plan for your life and I offer you this day the kingdom assignment that will place you in the ranks of those who have abandoned all and followed Me.

Have no fear this day says the Father.  Have no fear regarding natural and creature comforts for I know what you have need of.  I will never fail to provide for you just as I provide for My creations from the least unto the greatest.  You are of more value than many sparrows says the Father so let go of all concern about loss or deprivation.  Seek My face.  Let the place in your heart and mind that has been filled with worry be filled rather with a determination to seek My kingdom above all else.

I have no shame toward you says the Father.  Make it your choice today to live a kingdom life unashamed of what those around you might think.  The opinions of men – even the opinions of self important men and women are the small dust of the scale in My hand.  Let your eye purpose today to find My favor and not the favor of man.  This is a day to stand and be counted as an obedient children in My kingdom.  In so doing I will clothe and arm and provide for you beyond all your highest expectations.

9 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today trust in My word.  Trust both My RHEMA and My LOGOS!  My word is your defense and your bulwark.  I conspired through history to bring My word down to you even this day that you might know it and rely upon it to bring you to Me and bring My mind to you when you have need of it.  My word is a lamp says the Father and My Glory – My Presence is the oil.  Together they bring illumination to every situation.

There have been those that have worshipped the scriptures as a lamp without oil.  They studied it and memorized it but never allowed Me to breathe upon them through it.  There must be a synthesis of the written word with that which I am breathing upon you in the NOW moment when you need Me most.  Without the union of the Rhema and the Logos word you have nothing but a dead letter that will not serve you in your hour of need.

As the lamp without the oil is useless likewise the oil without the lamp does not serve its purpose.  So use the wisdom of the ages that scribes and sages have handed down to you in the scriptures but rely as well on the PRESENT truth also which arises in the chambers of your own heart where I dwell in the Glory of the Christ within you.  These two together will produce in you all that My promise affords at any given moment.

8 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that I have laid in store an extreme provision for you in this hour. Even as I said in My word even so this is THAT season that you will reap where you have not sown and partake where you have not prepared. I will cause you to ascend beyond the law of sowing and reaping into the law of love. The law of love says the Father is a higher law than any other law by which I govern the universe. You are not meant to merely be subject to the laws of the universe you are intended to be a master and a steward of those processes.

Sin makes men slaves to a mandatory outcome of the affairs of their lives but as you live and move in Me I will cause you to ascend into a stewardship of the laws I have set in place to govern creation. Are you prepared to take YES for an answer? Can you accept HERE and NOW as My breakthrough hour for you? Unbelief always relegates the blessing to a future day or another place. But I am a HERE and NOW God and I am prepared to cause you to ascend to a HERE and NOW authority – the authority of unabashed, unconditional love.

Love that springs from weakness and passivity is not the love that issues from the throne. I could have avoided the cross. I could have called ten thousand angels. I had a choice. Likewise I am giving you a choice. You can walk away and you can avoid much challenge being brought upon you by those in your life. Or you can ascend into the law of love and choose to love those in your life without condition or expectation. In so doing you will ascend into the NEVER FAIL provision of My hand for My love – My unrelenting love will never fail to produce itself in your life even this day.

7 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that you are a witness bearer. I am going to orchestrate an opportunity for you to bear witness of Me in a dark place. There are hearts that are broken and lives in anguish. Many of My children choose to look the other way because they think they have enough problems of their own. I am not asking you says the Father to take on other people’s problems. I did that upon the cross. For all the work of the kingdom I invite you to participate in – it is still “yoke easy” and “burden light” and I don’t want you to ever forget that.

You are not to make yourself responsible for the problem that you see but rather put your trust and confidence in who I am and what I am capable of doing in behalf of broken lives. It is time to step up and shine. Let My love be revealed through you to others who have no courage to hope that things will get better. It is true that they created much of the problem they now blame Me for. Let My love and My grace shine upon them this day says the Father. Look past your own struggles and become a beacon of hope to these hopeless lives.

In ancient times Job in all his suffering finally chose to listen to My voice and when he listened I gave him the grace to pray for his friends. He prayed even for those who made his burden heavy with accusation and fault finding. He prayed for his friends and in so doing I broke off of him the assault of the enemy and restore his life beyond all expectation. That is the restoration I am prepared to do in your life says the Father. So rejoice and embrace this assignment of love for I will and have already been working on the other side of things to bring you to wholeness and blessing beyond all your expectations.

6 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that the words I inscribe on your heart bring liberty and freedom to your soul. They may seem inscrutable at times and you will often puzzle over My purposes. My thoughts are broader than you can conceive and deeper than you can imagine. Press in to the mysteries of My purpose says the Father. Press in and refuse to be deterred. When you press in and hunger and desire the deeps of My Spirit you will not be denied.

It is My glory to conceal a matter but it is your privilege to find it out. I have hidden My truth many times in plain sight lest the ignorant and the unbelieving tread My courts and defile My pavilion. Make it your determination to pen My thoughts as they surface on the inside of you. My thoughts will coalesce within you and become food and drink for your hungry and thirsting soul. My pantry is always open and there is always food for you on My table.

So let My substance be manifest within you today says the Father. My substance and My wisdom and My knowledge. This is the inventory I have left for you in the Glory that is who I AM on the inside of you. Draw upon that inventory for your every need. There are many things you have asked Me for that are ready to hand and available. You need only trust and declare them – it is no longer necessary to ask for I have already answered says the Father.

5 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that the Spirit and the Bride say come! You are part of My bridal company in the earth says the Father. You are part of the joy that was set before Me for which I endured the cross. When they scourged and beat Me you were My focus for it was My love for you that braced My resolve. When I stood naked and bloodied before Pilate and the high priests you were uppermost in My mind.

The cross and the nails were not capable of tearing My love for you from My heart. My love for you restrained My voice from calling legions of angels to deliver Me and vanquish the world. I was not willing to go to My Father and your Father without accomplishing your deliverance and your translation from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of light.

Receive My love this day and know it as your portion in the earth. There is nothing sterile or distant about My love. I do not love you from a place of austere ambivalence. I love you with a fierce and determined love and it is that love My love which is working in you now. Let that love find its return in your heart says the Father for behold I COME QUICKLY!

4 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that I am fostering My mercy in your life and multiplying My grace. There are many things you can identify in yourself that don’t line up with My character says the Father and I am aware of that and I am working with you to bring you to a place of compatibility and alignment with My heart. I am shaping you not with adversity but with My comfort.

I am the God of all comfort and I place no premium upon suffering. I will never use against you what the cross lifted off of you. I will never take suffering or lack or sickness and use it to shape or mold or discipline you. I gave My only Son to save, heal and deliver you from these things why would I use those very things to shape your life? That isn’t what you were taught says the Father but I am ejecting those false notions from your heart for they did not originate in My mind.

So be comforted says the Father with the Comfort by which I lift the weights of disappointment in your life. It is time for yoke easy and burden light and I will accept no substitute for that liberty in your life. I am the more than you can ask or think God and I am proving My goodness and mercy in your life today.

3 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today open your mouth wide and I will fill it. Every good gift and every perfect gift is your portion says the Father. It is My pleasure – yes it is My good pleasure to address every need and every longing of your heart. There is never a time in your relationship with Me that I choose to withhold or withdraw from you My willingness to act in your defense.

So ask says the Father and in the asking My joy will find its fullness in your heart. Ask largely and ask not only for yourself and your own concerns but ask for others. Ask for your loved ones and ask for your enemies. Ask for those who have never asked in your behalf. Ask for those who have spoiled you and defamed and denied you. Ask says the Father and continue to ask for I delight in your petitions. I never tire of your voice. I never roll My eyes or despise you when you come to Me.

There are no disqualifiers for your petitions when you come to Me with the simple expectation of trust. Though there are things in your life and in your character that fall short of My perfection know this that the Cross covers it all. The cross covers your shortcomings and gives you the access you need to see every prayer answered and every barrier torn down that would keep you from My grace. This is YOUR day says the Father and I will be petitioned of you and hear your cry and answer in haste and leave nothing lacking in your life of My goodness and mercy.

2 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today that I am your way of escape. I am that provision and I am that open door you are in need of. Make your exit THROUGH ME and TO ME in every temptation and every assault of the enemy. Escape to Me says the Father for I am your exit strategy. Wrath, anger and toil will no longer have their hold on you. The flesh and the natural man is a cruel task master that will exact the very last measure of energy and strength that you have. Know that I am your deliverance and your safe harbor.

The dreams you have and hopes yet to be fulfilled find their safe keeping in Me. Place yourself and your dreams in My care for I am caring for you. I have catalogued every cry of your heart and inventoried every answer you require of Me. In My arms it is safe to trust and safe to know that the outcome is assured and the longing of your heart is secure.

So go ahead says the Father. Go ahead and dream a bigger dream. I dare you to OUT-DREAM the dream that I have already dreamed concerning you. Don’t sell Me short or dream a small Lilliputian dream for I am not a God of small deliverances. I am the God of greatness and I will do great things in you and great things through you. This is your time says the Father. Your salvation is not for another day. Today is the day and I am moving this day to manifest My hand and demonstrate My heart in every area of your life.

1 FEBRUARY 2013:   The Father says today lean in to My grace. Lean in to My bosom says the Father and feel the beating of My heart. Every beat of My heart and every breath of My body sustains and maintains you moment by moment as an act of My compassion and love for you. Intimacy is My natural state says the Father. Open yourself to Me and I will open Myself to you and give you a face to face experience that will change all you do and all that you are.

I am the sustainer and maintainer of your life on a day to day basis. This is My personal care for you not some obscure process I have set in order while I am actually quite far away. I am not a far off God. I am near to you as hands and feet. I am the breath in your nostrils and the beating of your heart. Even as your next heartbeat is supplied by My hand so are those things that you are consciously asking Me for.

With every beat of your heart and every breath of your body I am manifesting My YES in your life. If I say yes to your next breath says the Father what makes you think I will say no to those things you have cried out to Me for. Receive the YES that arises from My unconditional love. Receive the YES that issues forth from the bleeding side of Calvary as a RIGHT NOW expression of love and life that is extended to heal and deliver and save you this very moment.




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