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  1. At the same time, this word leads me to call for mercy to the Father for those who have allowed themselves to be used by the enemy for a defiling agenda against God’s loved ones, may the grace of the King come over them like a dawn and through a change of heart they can return to the heart of Jesus to be by his side and at the same time, they supported the heroes who are under fire from the enemy. May God’s love change their hearts. And God’s call to silence and deeper listening to the Lord is something so important and essential, thanks to the fact that you so powerfully call out from the walls the word that God says so that we stand even more powerfully in Christ’s overwhelming presence. Heartfelt thanks for your devoted service to the Lord. May your voice as a prophetic messenger be strengthened in the coming season and in God’s authority and power you speak what is on the Father’s heart and His glory spreads mightily.

    • I set my heart into agreement with you David for mercy from he Father for those that have allowed themselves to be used by the enemy against God’s loved ones and I decree that the convicting power of God will bring them to total repentance in Jesus name. Blessings, Sandi

  2. Dear Sandi. With great gratitude to the Lord, I rejoice for this ineffable source of mercy and God’s heart that flows from your heart in full connection to the precious message of our Lord that he is sending to his church at this time. Yes, His love perfectly binds up every wound, and under His palms a firm and glorious vessel of His mercy and power is re-formed for the fulfillment of God’s will. Let this word stir up new faith in our hearts, especially those who have been attacked in any way by betrayal, by the weight of pain from the enemy, knowing that the Lord appears as the Mighty Savior and Restorer of our hearts, how glorious is His power on the worshipers of His heart who have remained unto the Lord faithful and not moved an inch despite the circumstances, His faithfulness is unfailing.

    • I am very grateful David for your gratitude and acceptance of the message the Lord is sending to His church and also to the world that is struggling in this hour of disconnection and disunity. Your input so lovingly and beautifully expresses his mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing His faithful heart that never fails. You so well described the enemy’s agenda as defiling against God’s loved ones.David. I will press on by His grace as a prophetic messenger to serve Him as a carrier of His heart. Your heartfelt thanks brings such encouragement and is so appreciated. May the Lord continue to use you to express His heart so lovingly. Sandi

  3. Yes Lord! Amen Lord!
    I believe and receive your word!
    I desire to enlist in Your Army of Honor!
    Always soaring above the storms!
    Yes Lord!
    According to Your word! So be it!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Grateful for your input Marc. Glad you received His love letter. It was so hard to put a title on it because His love was flowing so freely to me and in me as I penned it. God richly bless you in the army of Honor!! Lobe, peace and blessings abundant to you and Tami, Sandi

  4. What a beautiful word and soothing in every way. It is very timely and needed.  He knows the wounds of our hearts and He is our healer.  I receive this with all of my heart and hope many will be blessed.  Hugs and blessings to you and family.

    • Greetings to you dear MF, So thrilled to send a message of love that we all need to embrace in this time of so much instability. So thankful it was so timely and just what you could wrap your heart around. Blessings and love to you as well, Sandi

  5. This is so good, and so needed Sandi, thank you.
    When the Chapter of “The Shadows” began, going on 10 years ago now, the Lord cleared the whole sky for me one day, I told Him how much I loved when He does that, and His reply was, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I could feel the magnitude of His ear-to-ear smile and could feel how absolutely excited for this to manifest on the earth!!
    Vision is so imperative. To have eyes to see, the mind to know, and the heart to understand the overwhelming freedom He purchased for us that beautiful terrible Day 2000 years ago!!
    God blessbyou beautiful heart Sandi!! :)

    • So, dear Cherish, here we are again together just praising the Lord for His timely love letter to us to reassure us that He is the lover of our soul and releasing a positive vision afresh for all our tomorrows. I so agree with what you said..we ain’t seen nothing yet compared to what we are about to see. May we continue to lock arms and stand firm together as He steps into this messy world of discord. Love and blessings, Sandi

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