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Things Are Going To Happen So Fast, Your Head Will Swim! — 2 Comments

  1. wow Dr Dee…my spirit bares witness to these words…yes that is exactly what is coming on the road ahead..the harm the enemy intended for us will and is backfiring on themselves….Our Lord Jesus Christ will sweep us up in his loving and protecting arm…as the judgements are being poured out on the enemy….I am not saying this is the rapture but a preprotection that will lead to it as he bulldozes all the rubble..a parting of the Red Sea so to speak where evil will be at a standstill for a very very short time…I don’t know how this all will take place…but this is what we will do mighty exploits as this takes place….I saw this 50yrs ago and the past few years again but strongly the past few months….pay not attention to the bad news cause the good news is whats happening….in other words the voice of God which comes with PEACE

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