A Modern-day Parable (Part 3)

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Transference of the Wealth of the World

In the land not so very far away, in the time of signs and wonders, the people of mystery became divided between those who ascended the Mountain of God and those who did not.

Those who ascended the mountain had increasing ability to see and to function in the realm of the Spirit.  The higher they ascended the more they could see and operate in the Spirit realm.  Some of the people kept going all the way into the glory cloud region near the top.  Others stopped along the way and remained.

At whatever part of the journey the people stopped, whether just above the snake line or midway or all the way up, they became part of the mountain where they stopped.  The people actually became the mountain.  They became a permanent part of the Spirit Mountain of the Kingdom of God on earth, and the mountain grew.

For whatever reason some would pause while still near the base and had to battle snakes often until someone that they trusted who had been higher on the mountain would come down to them and convince them that there were no snakes to battle higher up on the mountain.

The portion of God’s people who had not ascended the mountain of the Spirit had much less spiritual discernment than those who were on the mountain at any level and especially those who had journeyed all the way into the glory cloud at the upper portion of the mountain of God’s kingdom.

Those who had never ascended the mountain depended upon their own natural understanding for their lives and their nations with little or no insight or ability to function in the spiritual realm of God.  However, their natural gifting of intelligence allowed them to deduce and understand much of the workings of the created world.  Since they could not fully access the realm of the Holy Spirit, they were open to the spirit realm of darkness and the anti-God spirit.

There natural gifts of human intelligence and the added empowerment of cunning anti-spirits of darkness enabled them to accomplish great works in the world.  They established great cities of human intelligence and social elegance that provided the highest level of economic riches and self-indulgence.

They developed their own brand of religions to agree with their lifestyles.  The new religions were formed as counterfeit replicas of the mountain of God.  Yet they were subversively ruled by the anti-spirits of darkness.  Soon many of the people were convinced that the way of darkness and evil was the real light for their lives.  The way of the mountain people was seen by them as forces of evil trying to restrict their lives of self-indulgent and immoral activities.  The only people who were not affected by the gradual deception of the darkness posing as light were the people upon the holy mountain of Spirit God.

Strong hatred developed in the counterfeit religious style cultures for the people of the mountain.  Governments were postured that excluded the mountain people from any portion of ruling and influence in the cities.


Two very powerful prophetic messages began to be broadcast to the people.  One message was for the people of the mountain and those coming to ascend it, and the other was for the people who never ascended the Holy mountain of Spirit God.  The two different messages were both leading to one great message from God to all the people of the world.
Message to the Mountain

The message to the people ascending the mountain was the glorious things that God has prepared for those who love Him.  Things that have not even entered their imaginations before ascending the mountain of Spirit God.

The prophets of God spoke to them about things such as:

  • The bright light of the glory of God in Christ Jesus becoming one with and in the Sons of God on earth.
  • The entire world being ordered by the Spirit of God Himself in and among His people.
  • They spoke to them about all-consuming love and endless power of God in their lives as mature people of God.
  • And about the end of the restraining works of darkness against the people of God.
  • The prophets spoke of the greatest harvest of souls seeking to be born again, sanctified (made holy and set apart to God),
  • And about becoming one with Spirit God.
  • The word of the prophets was of the victory of Jesus within them.
  • They were told of joy unspeakable and full of glory taking place as they became one with God in Spirit and in Truth.
  • They were told that the world had never before seen a work and move of God of the magnitude as the harvest that was beginning.

Message to the Deceived

The prophets proclaimed warnings to the deceived people such as:

  • Everything not of God on Planet Earth will be dissolved.
  • The end of the godless life on earth as it had been has come upon you.
  • All that can be shaken will be shaken until nothing remains standing that God did not plant or build.
  • Your economies will fail.
  • The godless systems in which you have trusted will utterly fail.
  • Your governments will turn against you and consume your wealth and your children.
  • Holy God will change everything.
  • The caterpillar must dissolve for the butterfly to come forth.
  • They were told this is not the end of the world as some suppose, but it is the end of evil things and all mixtures of darkness and light in you and in your world.
  • Be warned the fire of God is burning away the false to make room for that which is of God to be formed in its place.

The Great Message to the Entire World

Apostles and prophets arose among the people of the Holy Mountain of Spirit God and thundered to all the earth words from Almighty God.

The trumpets of God were blowing and myriads of angels were singing the good news.




The world has entered a process of metamorphosis becoming new and different from what it was. In the process of metamorphosis of a butterfly, the existing caterpillar is liquefied and formed in a new and much more glorious form.  The mature form is much better and more glorious than the neophyte form.

The people were told that the old systems cannot be upgraded or repaired.

The prophets warned the people that were yet in the old systems of mixture to come out and flee to the mountain where New Jerusalem is being formed that cannot be destroyed or defiled.

The prophets were shouting, “Flee out of Babylon and begin to seek the New Jerusalem Bride of Christ life of purity and holiness in the Spirit of God.”  “You can no longer serve two masters or walk in mixture and expect the mercy of God to continue to spare your life on earth.  You must enter into the New Jerusalem life of the purified Holy Spirit Bride to establish the Kingdom of God now on earth.”

All of the people of God were delivered from the evil oppression of the old world.  They were either delivered by Christ Jesus in this life on the Holy Mountain, or they were delivered by death of their earthly bodies and transitioned to heaven.  To be absent from the body is to be present with God.

The great work of becoming pure holy mature Sons to establish the kingdom of Christ across the entire world was being done by the perfected Sons in whom Christ Jesus fully dwelt.  Everywhere that Christ lived and ruled, there was no more mixture of darkness. Christ in His people the hope of glory was manifesting in their world.

Angels were sent to seal the righteous on their foreheads to protect them in the time of earth cleansing judgment.

God was calling out to the whole world and sealing a people with the promise of God in the Holy Spirit.  This was the day to seek Him with their whole hearts and to receive the mark from the angel of the Lord to be sealed for the work in the time of completed fullness that they were entering into (Revelation 7:2-3).  Thousands would fall at their sides, yet it would not come near them as they walked sealed of God in the Spirit of God.

There was no fear in them because the love of God had purified their hearts, and they walked not according to this world but according to the Spirit in the manifested life of Christ Jesus living in their bodies where they had once lived.  The Day of the Lord was upon them.

The Day of the Lord coming now upon us.

Who shall stand in the manifesting of the fire of God upon the nations of the world?  Who are those who walk upon the stubble of the earth and tread upon serpents – those who are more than conquerors and can do all things by the power that works in them?  It is you and I entering life in the Spirit of God without mixture in which all things are possible.  All things are under the feet of Christ Jesus, and the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our God.

The great shaking and the great redemption of the harvest is beginning.  The tares are beginning to be gathered, and we may be surprised at which plants are the tares and which ones are the true Sons of the Kingdom of God who will shine forth with the brilliance of the Son.  The wealth of Planet Earth will be transferred into the hands of the righteous holy mountain people of God.  The glory of God shall fill the earth.

To be continued….

Do not fear little flock; it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.


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Download all 5 parts in combined PDF file – click here


~ Ron McGatlin

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