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  1. Wow God is Good. I had a similar dream last week. While in the house I looked out over a valley and saw a cloud of thick black smoke billowing off in the distance. I immediately knew we were being invaded. I wanted to turn the lights off so no one would know we were home, but my friend (deceased)warned me that turning off the lights would alert the enemy. My son came in and said that he was given permission to go out and save people because he paid for the car he was driving and was told he would be protected. After he left I heard a great explosion and immediately tried to call him. I was NOT fearful at all. Just as his phone went to voicemail, I KNEW he had been killed. Then in that very instant my dead friend said they are tracing the call and a beam of light from the sky came in through kitchen window and shown on me…I KNEW I was about to be bombed…and then I awoke.
    What do you think this means????

    • Sister,
      My advice to you is that you never shall ask anyone else but God about your dreams because other people can ‘think’ things that is not the truth.
      I would also say that if a dream is from God, He will also reveal its meaning and dreams from Him is always crystal clear.
      Remember that all dreams is not from God.

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