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A Move of The Holy Spirit — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, God is everywhere and desires us to ascend with Him wherever He is.

    No matter what we may be experiencing, we are to remain connected to Jesus Christ and to trust and know with whole heart assurance that He is for us and that He will make a way for us. It does not mean that we won’t experience pain or sickness, yet, He is faithful and just. He brings healing to our souls and to our bodies. Yes, some people die of what ravages their body, be it cancer or some other illness. Yet, our Lord Jesus Christ loves each one of us and desires us to be knit closely to Him and to trust Him in all that concerns us. We are blessed to know Him. May we minister to our Lord. Love Him and tell Him how much you love Him. Be passionate about Him. He is Your very best Friend. Lavish Him with your love, people of God! Open up your hearts to our Lord and Savior! Confide in He Who is to be your Bridegroom! Yes, pour out all of your love and trust unto Him. Love, love, love Him! We adore You, Yeshua!

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    My early church life as a child and young teen, they did not teach about the supernatural in God.
    But I knew it was there and had to seek it elsewhere and experienced it so profoundly.

    It is our inheritance, use it or lose it. And in these times we need it.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing it happening all across the world

  3. The Spirit of the LORD made the donkey speak,
    Besides, I am the redeemed daughter of Jesus Christ,
    I should take up and proclaim God,
    Honor God And I want Obey Him .

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