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    • Thank you and Praise the Father,Son and Spirit.
      Your Love
      beyond my mind
      beyond my imagination
      like a sponge soaked in the ocean

  1. Dear TRUE friends: It saddens me and GOD, how I am mocked for sharing an update here 8 hours ago. I am not that sort of people who come out late with “Look – here is my success”. Because then the same scoffers show up and they: “Ha – look – she thinks it`s all about her”. God knows why I posted today here, vulnerable and honest as only one can be. Asking for prayers, giving honour to my sisters here. So when I may not succeed – no big deal for me !!! I am over 50 and I know what was wrong in the past better than any of them who always try to point out mistakes. And I know, I truly know it deep in my bones and my soul, WHO hindered me in the past. Mostly those “christians” who love strategies and tactics. I might be naive in their eyes – but I don`t care any longer what they say, I even don`t read articles since weeks from some who always have an opposite opinion to everything. Sometimes it is so obvious that they write their own judgment. But they are so blind. They sit in their chairs in front of big computer screens and do not really send out words from the LORD. I am leaving this place here now, but give the “proud” people the advice to read LUKE Chapter 1 from verse 45 on until the end. The PEACE of JESUS CHRIST be unto you all ! Yes, all.

  2. Oh how I wish that God will surprise me with His WOW !
    The comments, the words of the 2 Mary`s here touch me deeply.
    So now one more Mary is writing… responding to June`s and God`s great encouragement.
    In my youth even my mother called me Mary, very unusual in the Seventies in Germany. Sometimes I even dreamed in English.
    When I share now public what my personal biggest surprise wonder would be, please do nobody blame me that I might not being with my feet on the ground or anything like that.
    At age 17 after Middleschool (left Highschool because my parents said so and I had to start an apprenticeship) my inner desire always was to become a Flight Attendant. My parents had no money to give me this chance in Frankfurt/ Main, my former home area. The education was not free of costs, and they feared to lose me. This saddened me over decades, but I did not accuse my parents for this. I was since then just functioning like billions of other people are functioning, living their life and giving their best.
    I want to share with you what I “dared” to do: I applied last week at an Airline to ask for the chance to become a Flight Attendant, at age 54. Some may say, crazy, or may say this never will succeed. But airlines say, they have no age limit and they need hundreds of new employees. So may chance is 50:50. It can only be a Yes or No.
    If anyone who reads this post, would please pray for me in this matter ? All know, flight turmoils can cause fears in many passengers. I could be like a calming mother, for the younger cabin crew workers and for the passengers on board. It is a hard job, it`s not only serving coffee above the clouds. But I do NOT fear ! And I urgent need work. I would the happiest woman on earth if I could get this job !
    Flight personal long ago was appreciated and treated well. Times have changed, flying is quite normal and often too cheap. But still they come around much. I know that I am able for this task. I always wanted to serve people from all nations, it is fitting so clear to my character, to be a friendly, open-hearted and open-minded person to all people of the world. So no matter how this may turn out – at least I gave it a try. I write here under June^s encouraging words, and I will give June an update later in January on this.
    For some Airlines is not possible to come to a casting without succeeding in the first step, the application. I already have an invitation for January !
    Thank you for prayers and every GOOD thoughts towards Mary. This is the headline on June`s message: That God has GOOD purposes for His children.

  3. Dr.Reinke…I believe you ACTIVATE GIFTS in the body your posts have been very keen spiritually and have answered questions I have had as well…thank you for sharing

  4. Dear Pastor June,

    Please allow me to thank you for your daily prophecies which I not only enjoy reading but the fact that they are so direct in most of my situations, I really feel like you are prophesying directly to me. I thank God that He speaks to you His prophet, as to what is on His mind for us in order to give us a hope and a future to what we hoped for! I ask kindly for you to speak individually to me as to what God has for me in my ESTRANGED MARRIAGE where my husband Sammy now aged 73 years and I have been seperated for very many years but not divorced. I am 64 years of age. Recently we have been communicating and even having intimate physical moments as husband and wife once again when we meet but strangely after that, it’s as if that there is an evil force that keeps keeping us apart not to allow us reconcile or reunite fully to live together as man and wife should. He announces to his friends and in family gatherings that I am his wife, yet he has never mentioned that he wants me back to our matrimonial home and this is where I need your guidance on whether this marriage of ours is from God and whether I should forget him totally and go ahead with my life without him. Also please seek divine intervention for me on getting back some of my money, in fact my Pension which I invested in buying PROPERTY which did not work out as the Housing Estate turned out to be more of a Con and now they do not want to refund me my money even knowing that they have breached the Sale Agreement and this has put me into a real financial strain. The name of the Estate Company is called Tamarind Properties in Kenya. Also my youngest son Nicolas aged 32 years to stop smoking cigarettes and drugs and to return back to God Whom he once confessed as To being His Saviour. My eldest son Chris aged 43 years too needs to return back to God as he too needs God to intervene in his life. Thank you and I await to hear from you. Amen

    • If you are in a covenant marriage then it is the Lord’s will to restore it. Divorce is not the Lord’s will, read Malachi 2:16. Go to Rejoice Marriage Ministries where you will be strengthened and shown how to stand for your marriage. I prayed for you.

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