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  1. So true. I visited big churches with high technical equipments. Like rock concerts. It is incresing in Europe too. Then they go home and nothing anymore. No tip to the waitress, no talk about the sermon they heard. No need in them to tell the next one about the joy or warnings. So they never will face winds that blow against them. This is such a “safe” religion in nice Sunday buildings. I hope no one understands this wrong. I appreciate gatherings and congregational singing very much. But after service they all rush home, or at least the same people with each other. Anyway – I hosted in the last 14 days for 8 nights guests of my son and here at the table. I am not ashamed, mothering them. With a small amount of income I serve food. They heard some hyms and heard me singing, our walls are thin here. No one dares to call me “crazy”.  Later this evening my son will bring another friend, just to show and to share his home. Hospitality is also a heart’s desire of God. As long as it is not forbidden, we will have an open house for everyone who knocks or asks. Who are we when we close our doors and heartsfor others ? No salt, no light.

  2. Dear mature brother,
    What you wrote here is indeed the way we should meet.
    At this point, only persecution would wake up wordly laodecian Christians

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