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We Have Tied the Knot! — 2 Comments

  1. I love you so much, dear sister ! About the cord and the knot I want to tell you something actual: Yesterday I made white satin bands into white curtains that I had washed the day before. It took at least 2 hours. During this time and most of the day I listened and sang praise hymns, it was a very peaceful day. When I went out, around the corner they have thrown a white cord, with a large knot… they spy and observe us since years into my and my sons privacy, We have no privacy. When I lay down to sleep, every single night they do noises in the room, in a keyboard and in the cupboards. All around they watch, they enter in the bus, all with dark bags, professional headsets in ears. They do not dare to look into my eyes. They wait on the stations, observing and / or provoking me through black single gloves. I AM HAPPY FOR EVER THAT MY SON RETURNED HOME. Often he could not believe all their psycho terror. They drive with police cars in front of the street, I can watch them from my window here. You maybe better do not publish this. I just want to inform you that they did not stop it. They want to blame my whole LIFE. Our LIFE. Thank you for your loving and caring comforts! We have many psalms and Scriptures that tell how they surround and torture God`s saints, day and night. BUT GOD… He gives divine protection, He gives heavenly comfort and LOVE and He sends me beautiful SIGNS. Without His supernatural help and His signs my life would be without hope. I already told you in comments, that I am for ever thankful for you at HKP here. I love you, my brothers and sisters.

  2. Thank you awesome wonderful Daddy, my bridegroom, for I am indeed your bride of Christ, together we are one. I am joyfully in awe and wonder of you.
    I am set aside called in the likeness and fullness of you, all that you are, for I am blameless in your site. A blessing to many. I sing a new song unto you, it is full of love for you awesome King and Mighty one. I love your words spoken, and I delight in them. I thank you for the mighty strength, the anointing which is upon my life, for Greater Works, that I shall do. I long for your presence daily, lost without you, you are my All in All. I love you greatly. I bless you. I praise and honor you, for you are so worthy of honor.

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