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A New Sound in Praise and Worship — 5 Comments

  1. Had a dream in 1992 which has since come to pass, and in part of it, I was taken to Heaven, and heard the sound of the angels worshipping around the Throne for about 15 minutes.  I was unable to stop weeping for joy, as this is the very atmosphere of Heaven, and not something
    any mortal could stay in for any length of time.  What we feel in praise and worship is only a taste of what it is going to be like in Heaven.
    During 2020 to date, I have been in a state of mostly Daniel-fasted life following colorectal cancer, and natural therapies following, including a mostly raw alkaline/ antiinflammatory/ immune boosging vegetables/ fruits/ seeds/ nuts/ spices diet; fresh air, jogging, sunshine.
    During this time, many days shut mostly alone in my small apartment with the One Year Bible and the Lord, or walking outside in our community park in what has come to be a Prayer Walk interceding for our nation, etc. – I have found the same spirit of praise and worship I experienced in Heaven during that dream, arising within me, even during praise and worship at our local church, humming or singing in the Spirit a sound only given from Heaven, that is real, and feel a rush/release of His anointing when this happens and is given free reign, in
    subjection to the Holy Spirit.  The wind is coming and the fire wants to fall RIGHT NOW – and it will liberate things in the natural we have been praying for

  2. Can you please tell me where and when in Tennessee the meeting will be (that you know of)? I tried to find it on my computer but could only find one that is over in Greeneville, TN.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Look up New Harvest Church Maryville on Facebook. They are the hosts. It’s 27-31 July in Maryville TN
      Their Facebook page gives details and a contact if you need more info.
      God bless you

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