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The LORD’s Eyes Are Upon You — 3 Comments

  1. I keep getting turn around in my spirit I have been through hell with my husband all my life he calls me a witch @argues with his neighbors I do not care about him no more I forgive 43 years

  2. God is always faithful & never late but on time. I receive the magnificent turnaround in Jesus name. I believe in God’s words released through you. God Bless you, your family & ministry Dear Kelley!

  3. So good and beautiful ! Thank you for sitting at your desk and writing so many encouragements and sharing private experiences. The Lego story and the anticipation experiences. The Holy Spirit reminds me just now to the words of Apostle Paul, how he went through it all, through abundances as well as through lack or losses. And here is a special word for all of you at HKP: Phillipians 4:14.

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