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A New Way of Doing Things — 4 Comments

  1. This is very encouraging Mr. Dewey.
    Both of the words you posted today have reached my soul like water in a very dry place!
    As an intercessor, especially for the USA, the warfare over this Nation is very intense!!
    But, through the prayers of His People, a Highway is being formed here that the unclean won’t journey on, only the Redeemed will walk there, and release His Kingdom upon the Purple Mountains Majesty, The Fruited Plains, and throughout the earth!!
    Everything is His, the cattle, the hills, the gold, the silver…and the lost.
    What a hot mess we are, a beautiful and very loved hot mess, His Workmanship!!
    It’s a painful process to be forged in the Fire, but Oh how Beautiful She will be!!!
    God bless you Mr. Dewey!!

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