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  1. Obviously I am a bit slow, but can Mr Bennett please explain the story about the object in the matchbox?  What significance did it have?  Did the prophet give a word to the owner which brought them to salvation, repentance, comfort?  Did it change their life?  Sorry, confused – no idea what this word is about.

    • It showed God was with him and he was hearing from God. God gave him special insight. I have the same sometimes with dreams and have had prophetic dreams. Not much I can do with the knowledge but God let’s me know He is there and with me. I think Chris is saying we will see young new prophets with razor sharp knowledge from God for the benefit of us all, and we need to nurture and train them for their future role

      • As far as I am aware the gifts of the spirit are given for a purpose and for ‘the common good’ (1 Cor 12).  They are given for a purpose of building up and edifying the church. Prophecy is specifically for the purpose of ‘edification, exhortation and comfort’ of believers (KJV), whereas praying in tongues is to edify ourselves – unless it is the gift of tongues with interpretation. I have seen the gifts being used in a biblical and orderly way by mature believers. (1 Cor 12, 13, 14).
        I am not a prophet, but I have had dreams, words of knowledge/wisdom and insights for myself and others. I can give specific testimony of instances where I have seen God work in the person’s life.
        Any prophet needs to have a personal relationship/walk with God and have razor sharp knowledge of the word of God, otherwise the gifts can be misused and lead to abuse. As far as I am aware there is no age (or other) discrimination in who God gives the gift of prophecy.  However, the bible does say that leaders should be mature and proven believers.

        • Very true and wise words. Now we are just left wondering what was the object in the matchbox and did it have some significance? Maybe it signalled God wanted Chris’ mentor to pray for the person? God works in mysterious ways that are awe-inspiring!

  2. You always explain dreams I have had Chris! I saw a prominent drawing pin in a dream recently and was clueless as to the meaning! Thank you for giving me clarity. Praise be to Jesus

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